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I just read the most bizarre Sherlock three-part fanfiction. Not bad at all (although I could have lived without the final sex scene), but the idea it is based on isn't something I would have thought of. Yet it worked.
For the sake of the fic, the Sherlock 'verse is a bit altered and turned into a universe where people have daemons (something apparently borrowed from Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials). I am not into AU and fantasy but, in this case, it sort of makes sense...

I read it because [personal profile] antennapedia , who is a good fanfic writer, recommended it; because it was Mycroft-centred and I find the character utter fascinating; and because the pitch of the first part was:

"In the pocket of his trousers, next to his phone, Mycroft carries the standard-issue steel capsule meant for protecting arthropod daemons. When people ask about it, he smiles and tells them she's not fond of the light, or of people other than himself. This is a lie."

Anyway, if you're curious, it's here.

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You probably, all, have already seen it (especially if you follow Moffat on twitter), but it's too good not to post!

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With only four episodes left, I'm almost done with my BSG revival.

What I love the most about the show is that it loved its characters and respected them. They all had a great exit, shocking for some of them, but great nonetheless.

Of course we were supposed to side with the lead characters (or at least one of them ) and root for them, but there were no real "villains" per se, no caricatures. At some point you could always understand the characters, even when they made mistakes or did "bad things"; we could see where they came from. Even for D'Anna, Admiral Cain, Boomer, Tom Zarek or Cavil.

Season 4 has been bashed by many viewers but watching it again in a row, I think it's actually excellent*. The mid-season finale, "Sometimes AGreat Notion" is still powerful, and the following episode, "A Disquiet Follows My Soul" was perfect in its gloomy way. Not many tv shows dared to explore human despair the way BSG did then.

*and Jamie Bamber sported the best hairstyle Lee ever had on the show!

Also, speaking of rewatch, Sherlock was on the French cable yesterday evening – and I could watch it in its orginal language! – and seeing "A Study In Pink" was again a real pleasure. The way the two characters "clicked" was perfect.

And tonight the three last episodes of Justified S1 are on...

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I saw many positive reactions on my flist yesterday, and I agree with everyone, that was a very good episode. I still have  a soft spot for "A Study In Pink", probably because it was the first time we saw the updated version but that "Reichenbach Fall" was definitely excellent!

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Here's a good read, via [personal profile] selenak :

"A Sandal in Fandom: Steven Moffat, Irene Adler and the Fannish Gaze "

Many very good points. Among them, here are a few picks:

About Sherlock:

"If there's an emphasized spine running through the whole show, it's what Lestrade says in the very first episode: Sherlock Holmes is a great man, and one day he may even be a good one. As he stands, the story makes clear, he's both a fascinating, charismatic genius and a thoroughly rotten human being. More than that, the text points out that there's development at work; John Watson is there to humanize him. If there's a first big turning point for the character, it's probably the end of The Great Game, which is the first time Sherlock shows any sort of genuine concern for the welfare of another person. Before then... check out how appalled Watson is earlier in that episode, when Sherlock's reaction to Moriarty killing an innocent is "Well technically I won". Sherlock is explicitly painted as a man who's a long way from decent.

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I've just watched "A Scandal in Belgravia" ...

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"The Great Game", Sherlock's last instalment, left me wanting more.

Also I sorta have the urge to listen to Holst's The Planets now; I have the cd somewhere but I haven't listened to it for ages...

I very much enjoyed the episode. Gatiss wrote a better episode than the previous one. Moffat and Gatiss should write all the episodes themselves!
Moffat is really the man when it comes to British television (like Whedon and Ron Moore for American series). I love the way his mind work.
The Moffat/Gatiss team is definitely a winner. I wonder who's Sherlock and who plays Watson in the couple ;- P

Speaking of our leading pair, the acting performances continue to be first class. By the way is it me or does Martin Freeman sometimes look like John Simm?

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That's it I'm caught up with Mad Men. I will watch yesterday's episode later today.

I'm about to watch the second episode of Moffat's Sherlock. I really enjoyed "a Study in Pink" that I watched yesterday. This Sherlock Holmes in modern setting is much better and truer to Conan Doyle's books than the Guy Ritchie's movie that was released earlier this year, although Sherlock's mannerism sometimes calls The Doctor to mind. I like Robert Downey Jr but the film was anything but SH and his Sherlock didn't work. This one sounds right. The transposition to modern times is less refreshing and daring than what Moffat did with Stevenson's book in Jekyll, but it's entertaining and very well done. And if we want something more original, adaptation-wise, we already have House M.D, although the show and Gregory House himself are less and less Sherlock-Holmesish these days...
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As for True Blood that I've just seen earlier? It was better than last week.

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