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I've seen a poetry meme going on on flist so here's a famous song by Gilles Vigneault:

Quand vous mourrez de nos amours
J'irai planter dans le jardin
Fleur à fleurir de beau matin
Moitié métal, moitié papier
Pour me blesser un peu le pied
Mourez de mort très douce
Qu'une fleur pousse

Quand vous mourrez de nos amours
J'en ferai sur l'air de ce temps
Chanson chanteuse pour sept ans
Vous l'entendrez, vous l'apprendrez
Et vos lèvres m'en seront gré
Mourez de mort très lasse
Que je la fasse

Quand vous mourrez de nos amours
J'en ferai deux livres si beaux
Qu'ils vous serviront de tombeau
Et m'y coucherai à mon tour
Car je mourrai le même jour
Mourez de mort très tendre
À les attendre

Quand vous mourrez de nos amours
J'irai me pendre avec la clef
Au crochet des bonheurs bâclés
Et les chemins par nous conquis
Nul ne saura jamais par qui
Mourez de mort exquise
Que je le dise

Quand vous mourrez de nos amours
Si trop peu vous reste de moi
Ne me demandez pas pourquoi
Dans les mensonges qui suivraient
Nous ne serions ni beaux ni vrais
Mourez de mort très vive
Que je vous suive

And here is Rufus Wainwright's live version, because I haven't posted Rufus vid for a while and it's always great to hear him (mom and aunt did the backing vocals, as it was recorded a couple of years before Kate McGarrigle died)

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I am hardly a geek. I like my Internet but my use of it would probably look boring for many people who are up to date with all sort of shiny and fancy web tools. After years of resisting, I finally got a cell phone but I mostly use only when I'm travelling or for emergency, and it's an old mobile phone, with buttons to press, not the touch kind. Tumblr, Instagram are just words for me...

Sometimes I heard people mentioning an app for this or that, and I don't always understand what they are talking about (I guess app is short for application?), but I figure it's some sort of tech gadget allowing to do "more stuff" with either their computer or their phone.

But I've just read this, and I don't understand. What the heck is this app? I mean, what does it do exactly? Why would anyone need a app to masturbate? A sex toy? Of course, they are very effective; some pornographic pictures or films?, I get it, even if women are supposed to be less visually oriented than men. But an app????

Is it just some sort of user instructions?

I guess there are already many web pages providing such instructions for masturbation -- the idea that some girls/women wouldn't know how to masturbate kinda puzzles me since even a foetus in the womb can do it but let's imagine that some are indeed clueless -- so what does this app provide that those do not?

And I agree with the journalist, the design is VERY infantilising.

Anyway, if our species now needs app to do something as natural as masturbation, we are really doomed.

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Yesterday evening was a Bowie evening. I watched The Man Who Fell To Earth on French cable, and the documentary that followed, that was mostly a film on the last show of the Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars tour.

I wish I have seen him on stage in the 70's, but I was a little bit too young back then. Last time I saw David Bowie perform live it was in Bercy stadium, in 2003, for the Reality tour and it was great. It was one of his last gigs before he had heart problems and surgery. I do hope he will tour for the release of the new album.

So far no dates, even though his wife kinda leaked infos about a possible world tour, including France...

His twitter account lately mentioned this article from Open Culture in which there's a recording of David and Freddie Mercury doing an a capella vocal gymnastic for "Under Pressure". It's worth listening!

The article quotes extracts from Mark Blake’s book Is This the Real Life?: The Untold Story of Freddie Mercury and Queen. Apparently, according to Brian May, Bowie "insisted that he and Mercury shouldn’t hear what the other had sung, swapping verses blind, which helped give the song its cut-and-paste feel."

David obviously imposed his views and ruled everyone (the ego clash with Freddie must have been something!). He didn't have Mercury's amazing voice but was still a good vocalist, and, above all, a true artist.

“‘Under Pressure’ is a significant song for us,” May said in 2008, “and that is because of David and its lyrical content. I would have found that hard to admit in the old days, but I can admit it now…."

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Marking is done and I have just finished to prepare the term meetings I have tomorrow.

Also I'm caught up with certain tv shows -- GoT that I continue to be underwhelmed with (still much better than the books and they handled the Red Wedding rather well), unlike most of my flist, Mad Men whose two last episodes were way better than the messy "The Crash", and Rectify whose final two episodes just blew me away (SERIOUSLY!!!!!) -- so I should be able to resume my regular posting soon.

Now I'm going to have a bath so I'm leaving you with this fascinating speculation/parallels about Megan in Mad Men !

* Let's hope I won't be summoned to mark the Baccalauréat. The exam starts on Moday 17 with the 4 hour Philosophy test (History is the next day) so I might still receive a notification to mark History &Geography papers. Can everybody cross fingers and toes for me?
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I just re-watched Des Hommes et des Dieux which was showed on French tv tonight. I had not watched that film since I saw it at the cinema in September 2010 (and consequently wrote this review on that old blog of mine I haven't updated for 13 months!).

A beautiful film whose awards were well-deserved. The monks' last supper scene still moved me to tears.

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My ten Buffy things that make me love the show for ever!

1) A writing based on metaphors. BTVS looked like a teen show with a stupid name, but it was one of the deepest and cleverest series ever made. A show that is about teenagers isn't necessarily a teen show. BTVS was demanding and layered (more than Angel the series that was more mainstream). It changed the way I watched television and taught me to parse episodes.

2) "Hush". A true masterpiece. Form matched content which is supposed to be the main goal of poetry. It had the scariest villains ever and the most hilarious scene too.

3) "Restless". If "Hush" was pure poetry, "Restless" was a mere symphony. It is the show's true musical episode, not OMWF. I loved Xander's dream the most. And only on Buffy you could see one of Sappho's poems written in Greek on Tara's back for only a few seconds shot!

4) Rupert Giles. He was the first reason I watched the show. Green-eyed British men have always been my weakness...

5) Ethan Rayne. Only four episodes and yet unforgettable. Robin Sacks gave us something precious. And Giles and Ethan were obviously made for each other!

6) Good dialogues. Some lines were funny, other were quite profound as in "To forgive is an act of compassion, Buffy. It's not done because people deserve it, it's done because they need it."

7) Spuffy. It was simply the hottest 'ship before it officially happened (sexual tension fueled the Buffy/Spike scene and there was "Something Blue" of course) but also when it occured ("Smashed"): all it took was the actors' chemistry and performances, and that zipper need to have soft porn/nudity ala True Blood!

8) William's nod to Cecily in "Fool For Love". It was Marsters' best piece of acting in an arty episode (the subway scene was something!).

9) Foreshadowing. It was so fun to pick up the clues and speculate before or afterwards!

10) Subversion of tropes and general boldness. I don't think that Whedon has been that daring and subversive in any of his other works after BTVS.

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I'm still catching up with my tv shows.

After watching tthe finale of The Good Wife, I was left with the feeling that the show's best days are definitely behind us and I might drop it next season...*sigh*

As for Doctor Who, I'm usually a fan of Moffat's writing but I wasn't as excited by "The Name of the Doctor" as others were, even though I enjoyed the word-based twists it had, from beginning (when the characters misunderstood a certain message) to ending (when the viewers realised that the title of the episode didn't mean what they were led to believe it meant). I don't know, maybe you have to be British and to have grown up with the old DW series and the whole DW mythology to fully enjoy it.

I'm also all caught up with Mad Men. After a few strong episodes, "Crash" looked all over the place and poorly executed. It is as if the show itself has become the epitome of advertising: selling crap or poor quality stuff, either wrapped in an apparently good-looking package or sold thanks to a weird ad that is supposed to be the top of originality. But a good pitch, or good ideas on papers, or mere eccentricity don't necessarily make a good episode.
Besides the show often lacks subtlety, and sometimes the obvious is just so obvious (as Ruppert Giles would say "I believe the subtext here is rapidly becoming, uh, text"!) to the point that it seems that the writers are just lazy and taking the viewers for granted, ready to buy anything they would sell.
Now, writing this, I wonder whether Weiner and Co weren't simply making a meta episode about themselves and the process of writing Mad Men! Of course, Don Draper is Matthew Weiner. BTW I second everything that Alan Sepinwall wrote on the episode.

So far, The Borgias is actually the tv show that is giving me the most satisfaction, especially "The Banquet of Chestnuts" that I have just watched and which was excellent. Jeremy Irons is simply magnificent, the supporting cast is good with memorable characters (Caterina Sforza!), the photography is often fabulous, the writing is clever, and I totally want to steal Lucrezia's earrings!

The series is, in my opinion, much better than Game of Thrones, no matter some historical inaccuracies (or rather the liberties it takes when it comes to historical accuracy and that I tolerate in the name of poetical licence!).

I find the latter entertaining at times, for sure,  -- and definitely better than the books it is based on (I read the first four books on kindle and the writing turned me off)--, mostly thanks to a few characters and the actors who play them (Tyron, Jaime, Brienne, Margaery, Stannis...), but there's a problem of structure, focus and pace that has been there from the beginning and has not been fixed. Besides I often find the Wall/Jon Snow stuff boring while it's obviously there for the long run...It's probably the most overrated tv show of the moment, along with Homeland.

I miss Justified, its terrific dialogues, unforgettable characters and handsome hero.

Now bring me Copper and Longmire! While waiting for the best of all to come, for its final and most-expected eight episodes....


Apr. 11th, 2013 10:53 am
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I don't believe in afterlife, but at least Bastet's and Loukoum's bodies lay together in my sister's garden.

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Exactly 8 weeks after Bastet, Loukoum passed away.

This time it happened peacefully, at the vet's, in my arms. I couldn't let him go on like that, with his face all distorted (he didn't look like himself anymore, the vet said that she didn't recognize him) and the difficult breathing. I didn't sleep last night because I was worried, and the vet told me that he would have suffocated one night soon or later indeed, so I couldn't let that happen. But it was tough because he was moving and miaowing still a lot. Talkative to the end, my poor baby.

I'm waiting for my sister so we'll bury him next to Bastet.

My place is just too empty and too quiet. I spent so many weeks worrying myself sick. I can mourn them both now.

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This is my review of Justified season 4 's finale at last!

Well, sort of. Noel Murray wrote a great review on the TV Club so I'm mostly recommending it.

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RL is keeping me away from LJ. There's work to do, and an old and sick cat to take care of. I mentioned it in comments from an earlier post, Loukoum has a polypus in his nose that showed on the MRI in January but was barely mentioned by the neurologist then, because the priority was the ostitis. The problem is that the polypus has grown (which probably caused the sneezing that was already there before I left to Rome)and has started bleeding when I came back from Rome...the only treatment would be surgery but Loukoum is almost 18, and a new MRI would be needed anyway to see if it's operable,  so I decide to let him be.

It's kinda heartbreaking to see him frantically rub his nose or to hear his noisy breathing and frequent sniffing and sneezing – especially with the blood throwing that ensues –, but he still eats rather well, asks for food in the morning, communicate, we haven't reached that place yet. I don't know how long we have together. I just hope I'll be able to recognise the right moment when it comes, as I don't want to .

And of course, I'm leaving for Rome again in three weeks which doesn't help. So it feels that I'm still in the limo too, emotionally speaking.

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- First off, the A.V/ T.V Club is paying a much deserved tribute to one Jim Beaver: From Deadwood to Justified...

- ...and the above link led le to this study on a piece of the Deadwood language: "Deadwood and To Whom Its Dialogue Is Beholden"

The blogged parsed there a famous line spoken by Jim Beaver as Mr Ellsworth:

“I may have fucked my life up flatter than hammered shit, but I stand here before you today beholden to no human cocksucker.”

It is a must read for any Deadwood fan!

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...and John Hawkes' performance as Teardrop in Winter's Bone does.
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"Peace of Mind" was again a very good episode with a chilling ending scene...

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Tomorrow morning I'm being inspected during one of my lectures (last time it happened it was in december 2007 so it isn't that often!) and I think I'm done preparing my lesson. It's on the Gulf War and mostly based on G. Bush's speech on september 11, 1990, plus a few maps and pictures (which I'll use if the projector and the computer in the classroom work!), and a second text giving Saddam Hussein's take on it.

What should I do now?

I feel a Deadwood itch to scratch. Might be because I watched The Sessions yesterday, and besides John Hawkes (who was indeed amazing in the film), two other Deadwood alumni have a small part in it: W. Earl Brown who used to play Dan Dority, and Robin Weigert who was the wonderful Jane.

The Sessions isn't a great film in terms of writing or mise-en-scène– and it's a bit too light for me, but you know I like my films darker –, but it is tasteful and touching. It's worth seeing if only for John Hawkes and Helen Hunt who both deserve all the praises they received.

It's quite unbelievable that John was snubbed by the Oscars btw, but I guess it's because his performance doesn't look like a performance (while he did hurt himself for the role!)which is really something given the nature of the role!

His acting is just so natural, so humble and yet so easy, there's nothing showy about it. He just makes the character come to life, and you forget about the fact that there's an actor playing that man.

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Or should I say, that it gives me a tv stiffy?

I love love love Justified!!!

Of course I could watch Timothy Olyphant carry that great body of his and walk around for hours, but, above all, the writing is just so bloody marvellous. I still consider Breaking Bad to be the best tv show, but in the dialogues and characters department no show can compete with Justified.

This season is probably my favourite one so far which is quite remarkable given the lack of Dewey Crowe. Season 2 had the best villain, but this season is simply fantastic.

I had doubts, at first, about Constable Bob but it turned out that he's a great new character; I love Raylan to bits; Tim and Art continue to be awesome; Rachel sounds right at last; Boyd and Ava are great; I feel for Johnny; Colt was an interesting addition to the Crowder clan and his scenes with Tim are priceless; and Ellen May has grown on me so much (to the point that I wanted to slap Ava several times).

Needless to say that I'm completely in love with Jim Beaver's character. By the way I never realised, watching Deadwood, how tall he was.

"Decoy" was a stellar episode in a terrific season. Two to go!

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...and too exhausted after two weeks of hard work, and a three hour delayed flight, to post anything beyond this.

Just watching the rugby game now. And rooting for the Scottish team against the French!
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Larmes d' Albâtre (Albaster Tears) is an exhibition that just started at Le Musée de Cluny, on the occasion of the return of Les Pleurants (The Mourners) in France after a long world tour. They aren't home yet but Paris is their last stop, after Bruges, and before going back to Dijon.

The world tour was successful and if you haven't seen them in The U.S or in Europe, you can find a report from The New Yord Times here about the exhibition that happened at The Met, and the conference that followed that exhibition is on youtube.

Also here is another video that will allow you to see them pretty well (with explanations in English):

And this one (from the exhibition in Belgium) only shows them with religious chant:

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I had to take Loukoum back to the vet yesterday in the afternoon, for he was sneezing and refused to eat (and seemed to have trouble eating his chicken bits). It's likely that the ostitis (and the weakness that ensued) awakened a dormant coryza. Besides cortisone is known for turning the immune defense system down.

Since he's already on antibiotics there's little to do, apart from fumigations (he hates that of course) and giving him a super nourishing gel. He has to eat...and I'm leaving on Saturday.

Of course, as soon as we were back from the vet, he went to eat chicken bits in his plate and later even ate some can food mixed with vegetables from a jar of baby food (don't laugh, he adores that stuff, and I'm ready to give him anything he wants). But this morning he turned his nose up at the food again. That cat is going to drive me crazy.

Fortunately I don't have to lecture this morning (my students have an oral exam) so I can take care of him. I'm also supposed to mark papers,  prepare my Roman trip and pack (at least in my head, I'll do it for real tomorrow). *sigh*
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Someone had to post it!


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