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Aug. 24th, 2012 10:32 pm
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I guess I am on the minority here, but I'm one of the few people who liked the second season of The Wire.

It might be because of my love of Kazan's On The Waterfront, but the main plot on the docks was, to me just, as interesting as the Westside projects with the Barksdale case, and in a way more daring and refreshing for a tv show. Also, the Greek is a perfect villain; Franck Sobotka is a terrific and tragic character. This is the part Chris Bauer should be remembered for...

The Sobotka family offered a nice contrast to the Barksdale one, with Franck being the anti-Avon, and yet failing to "protect his kin" because the union came first, because the wrong he did, for the right reasons he thought, eventually ruined his family and his cause. Rewatching this season, I didn't mind Ziggy's annoying self. He is more pathetic than anything else, and when Franck yelled at Nick saying "he's your cousin!' and Nick replied "You are his father!", it told so much.

I think that fans liked it the least because all the characters from Daniels' team and season 1 were still there but the police work was less exciting (viewers were frustrated, like Herc and Carver!). McNulty, the police department and the drug business were no longer the focus, only part of a bigger scheme, and, in a way, the waterfront and its stevedores were "less glamorous" than season 1 and its Barksdale organization and young corner boys. And the glimpses of the Avonless Westside we got? Stringer Bell tried to rule but actually sucked at being king!

Yet season 2 showed a side of Baltimore that looked real and rang true, and, as a result, the tapestry was richer.

And personally, I liked the female characters better. Kima, especially, was much more interesting and less cliché than in season 1 (she was then a little bit too super-cop for my taste, and her being shot was very cliché).

Season 2 had great scenes, involving D'Angelo, and key newcomers like Beadie, Butchie (and his dog!) or Brother Mouzone. Or that smart forensic scientist!

And it has these unforgettable scenes in which Omar testified against Bird and owned the court!



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