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I'm still catching up with my tv shows.

After watching tthe finale of The Good Wife, I was left with the feeling that the show's best days are definitely behind us and I might drop it next season...*sigh*

As for Doctor Who, I'm usually a fan of Moffat's writing but I wasn't as excited by "The Name of the Doctor" as others were, even though I enjoyed the word-based twists it had, from beginning (when the characters misunderstood a certain message) to ending (when the viewers realised that the title of the episode didn't mean what they were led to believe it meant). I don't know, maybe you have to be British and to have grown up with the old DW series and the whole DW mythology to fully enjoy it.

I'm also all caught up with Mad Men. After a few strong episodes, "Crash" looked all over the place and poorly executed. It is as if the show itself has become the epitome of advertising: selling crap or poor quality stuff, either wrapped in an apparently good-looking package or sold thanks to a weird ad that is supposed to be the top of originality. But a good pitch, or good ideas on papers, or mere eccentricity don't necessarily make a good episode.
Besides the show often lacks subtlety, and sometimes the obvious is just so obvious (as Ruppert Giles would say "I believe the subtext here is rapidly becoming, uh, text"!) to the point that it seems that the writers are just lazy and taking the viewers for granted, ready to buy anything they would sell.
Now, writing this, I wonder whether Weiner and Co weren't simply making a meta episode about themselves and the process of writing Mad Men! Of course, Don Draper is Matthew Weiner. BTW I second everything that Alan Sepinwall wrote on the episode.

So far, The Borgias is actually the tv show that is giving me the most satisfaction, especially "The Banquet of Chestnuts" that I have just watched and which was excellent. Jeremy Irons is simply magnificent, the supporting cast is good with memorable characters (Caterina Sforza!), the photography is often fabulous, the writing is clever, and I totally want to steal Lucrezia's earrings!

The series is, in my opinion, much better than Game of Thrones, no matter some historical inaccuracies (or rather the liberties it takes when it comes to historical accuracy and that I tolerate in the name of poetical licence!).

I find the latter entertaining at times, for sure,  -- and definitely better than the books it is based on (I read the first four books on kindle and the writing turned me off)--, mostly thanks to a few characters and the actors who play them (Tyron, Jaime, Brienne, Margaery, Stannis...), but there's a problem of structure, focus and pace that has been there from the beginning and has not been fixed. Besides I often find the Wall/Jon Snow stuff boring while it's obviously there for the long run...It's probably the most overrated tv show of the moment, along with Homeland.

I miss Justified, its terrific dialogues, unforgettable characters and handsome hero.

Now bring me Copper and Longmire! While waiting for the best of all to come, for its final and most-expected eight episodes....

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Loved it! Best Dalek episode since...actually, it's been ages!

Beware of spoilers )
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You probably, all, have already seen it (especially if you follow Moffat on twitter), but it's too good not to post!

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Yesterday I went to the movies and saw Drive which won at Cannes Festival the prize for best mise en scène and it did deserve it.

I was also very pleased to see my Bryan Cranston on the big screen, now that Breaking Bad's fourth season is finished (and yes I will go and see Contagion to see him again, him and John Hawkes!).

Christina Hendricks of the Mad Men fame was also in the movie but had a very small part.

And there was Sally Sparrow from Doctor Who !!!! I mean Carey Mulligan.

So in her honour, here's the unforgettable "Don't blink!" sequence, explaining the scary Weeping Angels, from Moffat's best episode ever, "Blink":

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I had time to think about the finale of Doctor Who's sixth season, so here's my take on it:
Spoilers! )
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1) When regular tv writers have 5 ideas for one episode, Moffat has 100!

2) "It already has" Rorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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"The God Complex" was an entertaining episode even though it was a bit up on the nose.
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ETA: I know, I know...

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: because I just found an online translation of Borges' tale from The Aleph, "The House of Asterion", that I can't help posting here and connecting to this episode of Doctor Who(which I am sure Jorge Luis would have loved).

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I don't know if anyone noticed but it's Tom MACRAE who wrote the last episode of Doctor Who, "The Girl Who Waited". Not quite my Tom for there's an extra a in the name, but almost!

Apart from this funny homonymy that probably amuses only me, I loved the episode!

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ETA 2...I know I should think this through and write it down when I'm done instead of editing.

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"Let's kill Hiltler" was terrific. I was a bit worried by the title so I was very pleased by the episode. It was an amazing one, and it made me happy to see a well-written and skilfully executed tv episode (here I'm tempted to eleborate on how much the last episode of Torchwood sucked but I won't).

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I loved it !!!

Matt Smith was fantastic in "A Good Man Goes to War" and Moffat did use his Moff-jo :- )

Moffat is the man!

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I've just seen "The Curse of the Black Spot" which was entertaining, and the episode does have a few neat things and funny moments but definitely not the best Doctor Who of the Moffat era.

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I really love Moffat ! "The impossible astronaut" was very enjoyable, filled with connections and echoes, all the good stuff I dig.

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I am not quite on Holiday yet for there's the deliberations next Monday and then the oral exams for those who failed but not too much, but the worst is now behind me.

Marking Hell didn't prevent me from wathing the finale of Doctor Who season 5 and the last True Blood.

Moffat is the man! )  

Not the best True Blood episode but still entertaining )
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Something made me giggle in the last tvgasm Recap of Lost:

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Reading my flist or trying to post an entry has been difficult for a couple of days. Anyway I had a busy weekend so not much time to spend online.

So as I seem to be allowed to post at last, here's some reviews on Lost, Ashes to Ashes and Doctor Who.

Lost )

Ashes to ashes )

Doctor Who )
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I've just seen Doctor Who 4x2. It was Volcano Day !

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I can now gather my thoughts about  the premiere of BSG season 4 and Doctor Who's "Partners in Crime".


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