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chani ([personal profile] chani) wrote2013-03-20 07:51 pm
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Great television makes me happy

Or should I say, that it gives me a tv stiffy?

I love love love Justified!!!

Of course I could watch Timothy Olyphant carry that great body of his and walk around for hours, but, above all, the writing is just so bloody marvellous. I still consider Breaking Bad to be the best tv show, but in the dialogues and characters department no show can compete with Justified.

This season is probably my favourite one so far which is quite remarkable given the lack of Dewey Crowe. Season 2 had the best villain, but this season is simply fantastic.

I had doubts, at first, about Constable Bob but it turned out that he's a great new character; I love Raylan to bits; Tim and Art continue to be awesome; Rachel sounds right at last; Boyd and Ava are great; I feel for Johnny; Colt was an interesting addition to the Crowder clan and his scenes with Tim are priceless; and Ellen May has grown on me so much (to the point that I wanted to slap Ava several times).

Needless to say that I'm completely in love with Jim Beaver's character. By the way I never realised, watching Deadwood, how tall he was.

"Decoy" was a stellar episode in a terrific season. Two to go!