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After a long hiatus, Tom wrote a blog entry to announce the release of the new album, From the Lowlands.

And I just had to share this bit, because it's so Tom, and because I love the analogy:

"Songwriting is a strange obsession for me. I return to forms and subject matter time and again, desperately trying to get them right before I can move on, trying to get them to do what I imagine they're capable of when I first write them. I want to simplify or reduce some songs to their most basic essence, so that they become a pure, direct form of communication. As an occasional whiskey (and whisky) drinker, that attraction to the distillation process is probably only to be expected. So this, then, is my single barrel, own label, aged for 42 years, McRae Special Reserve. Please enjoy responsibly."

Yes, I already pre-ordered the album...I'm nothing if not loyal!

But I didn't see Tom's tour with the String Quartet last year and I won't see him solo touring this year either. There are several dates in France but he won't sing in Paris and there's no way I can go to another town on a week day, even to Orléans which is the closest. Hopefully, he'll come back with the old band next year.

Speaking of the tour with the String Quartet, I found several lovely videos on youtube. The London show in Saint James Church must have been great. I wish I were there to hear him sing "My Vampire Heart" or "Human Remains" (my favourite which he NEVER sings during his Paris gigs, alas!) in a church. On the video below he sang "For The Restless" another favourite of mine:

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