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I re-watched Serenity yesterday evening and loved it even more than when I saw it in theatres years ago.

That brilliant opening scene, the witty dialogues, the strong scenario, the many references to films or literary's clever, entertaining and fun.

Now that's a good Whedon's movie and one that should have given him success and praises!!!

And that's all I will say on that matter.

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and it's getting on my nerves...Besides I didn't want to go to that wedding to begin with !

There's a link over at [profile] whedonesque about tv shows that became movies. Serenity made the top 25 list but is only 20th. I think it should be much higher.

Actually I have seen a few film adaptions from tv shows and they were rarely good.

The Untouchables and The Fugitive are definitely good ones, but the others...usually crappy.

Aren't there any original scenarios over there that Hollywood needs to adapt successful tv shows (we can notice the same tendancy in French movies btw, with "Belphégor",  "Les Chevaliers du Ciel", "Les Brigades du Tigre") besides doing re-makes of old/foreign films? 

Or is it just laziness? Beware of the easy way !

Serenity is different because it's Joss' baby just like Firefly was. 

Maybe I'm an odd duck, but without some good writing, I don't think you can make a good movie whatever the proven formula you may use, the terrific actors you may cast, the huge amount of money you may spend in special effects...

ETA: Joss won Nebula Award for Serenity script !
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I tried and tried again...

And now it's working! I got to Inara' s training house so far without any mistracking. *keeps fingers crossed*

I'm watching it in English with English subtitles which is fun because they also describ the sounds when there isn't any dialogue !

As Mal is hinting at Coleridge, I'm just posting some detail I noticed for the first time: Mr Universe' s bot was named Lenore which is one of Edgar Allan Poe's poems

Lenore )

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I felt better enough to see The Libertine starring Johnny Depp and John Malkovich (yes I went see it because of the cast...), a movie I didn't like. I found the film boring and pretty pointless. Where was the scenario? I hope the play was better...

Some films, nowadays, seem to be made only to give actors a certain position.

The other day, I watched a programm about Hollywood saying that tv has become better than movies because the good writers were on tv, where they were also producers, which meant they had more freedom and power, while movies were mostly ruled by famous actors, majors and directors. Tv would provide quality, daring and originality while movies would provide formulaic entertainment without real writing but with loads of special effects. I'd tend to agree.

So yes  Serenity (this link leads to an old entry of mine, reviewing the film) was an anomaly because its director was a good writer and writing was essential in it. 

Speaking of the devil, I thought of Joss' film when I read Paul McAuley White Devils lately. It is a techno-thriller taking place in a near-future and in the black continent, a ruined Africa that unfortunately sounds so likely. I'm too lazy to summarize it but if you want to know the plot,  I found that review...Even though I don't think it's such a great novel, and that McAuley indulged in a few easy ways, it raises interesting points about the world and humanity not being black & white, it does have good moments and works on several levels (geopolitical, scientifical, philosophical), with an abyssal writing of metaphors within metaphors. And it seems to share a few things with Joss Whedon' scenario.

great minds think alike )

Also watched the end of Battlestar Galactica season 1 and then found out that I've got Sci-Fi on the cable now, and they've just started showing season 2, 2 episodes on every sunday evening, so I won't have to download it anymore!

I'm almost respectable again...

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Damn this made me want to see Serenity again!

Serenity Handpuppet Theatre

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And I'm sad for Joss that it doesn't work better. Actually when I check the box-office and see the money some crappy films are making, I'm pissed-off. Unfortunately for Joss' sake there are also good movies out these days (BTW I mean to see L'Enfant des frères Dardenne, Polanski's Oliver Twist, and probably the last Blier starring Monica Belucci)...

Il ne reste plus que 3 cinémas où le film passe encore à Paris, allez voir Serenity bon sang!

I saw Serenity again yesterday )

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I'm still not feeling well but I've planned to watch the film again on Monday with a friend, hopefully I'll be better then.

Here's stuff I forgot to say in my previous entry or that came to me while discussing Serenity on the C&S.

in the ship again )

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I’m quite sick (looks like I caught a flu-like virus), I didn’t sleep AT ALL last night (finally I got up at 5 am and marked papers!) and I had a long day of teaching today so bear with me and forgive my bad English.

I hope I’m going to be able to write something clear despite my condition but I need to write my thoughts down before they are gone.

Don't read under the cut if you haven't seen it and want to remain unspoiled!

Une longue sérénade pour Serenity )


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