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Marking while The Tallest Man On Earth is singing....

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I'm back from the SIEC in the suburb where I was supposed to retrieve the papers (can you tell where this is going?)....without any papers to mark for when I handed the notification, the person in charge looked for my name over and over on various batches but couldn't find it. Then she said that she had been told that I could not come (and I was WTF?!!!!) and had to summon someone else in my stead.

I told her that I made a phone call to her office on Friday to inquire about the number of papers I'd have to mark but never said that I could not do it, and that I had not been informed that I was replaced. She apologised ( I came for nothing), said that she couldn't give me someone else's batch and said she might have made a mistake.

No, really?!!!!

I mean, I'm thrilled that I don't have papers to mark, but if she did make a mistake, it's possible that some other teatcher couldn't make it and should have been replaced indeed, and therefore it's likely that there's a batch of papers that will be left on the table. Being of a rather pessimistic nature I already pictured, of course, the SIEC calling me back in the evening or tomorrow morning...I just checked my personal file on the professional website about exams and my notification to attend is still online.

Before I left, I asked her, insistently, whether she was sure that was it, and told her "because I will not come back!". She said "I understand" and wrote on my notification "notification cancelled", adding her initials.

Hopefully this is the end of it. But with those administration people, you never know...
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Still in Marking Hell. 21 History papers to go and then I'll have left only 30 Geography papers (quicker to mark as it was just a test not essays).

If the sore throat is any clue, I'm coming down with a cold. Not really surprising given how tired I've been feeling lately. I must have worn a red sign to all the viruses and bugs around saying "welcome guys!".

I watched the finale of Homeland yesterday in the evening, and was torn about it for there are things that I loved and others that were just hugely convenient, contrived and clichesque plot devices. Might post about it later, when I have time...maybe next week.

I got warm and fuzzy feelings from reading this interview with Aaron Paul, especially when he said about Jesse and Walter: "I’m sad seeing it from the character’s point of view, because you know they both have love for each other. But they don’t trust one another sometimes, and they really should".

I haven't been to the cinema for a couple of weeks (M. and I were supposed to go and see J. Edgar last week but it fell through)so despite feeling like I could spend the rest of the day in bed, I'm going to see The Descendants.

Speaking of movies, looks like John Hawkes stroke again in Sundance Festival with The Surrogate. And I have yet to see playing that cult leader in Martha Marcy May Marlene -- that will be released at the end of February over here--, in which everybody says he's also excellent to the point that he should have been nominated again for best supporting role (btw he totally should have won last year for his work as Teardrop in Winter's Bone).

Leaving both Michael Fassbender and John Hawkes out of a nomination list, these days is a just ridiculous, period.

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I'm in Marking Hell so I won't be online much in the upcoming days.

Hopefully, when I'm done with those 54 essays on totalitarianism, I will get around to writing down my thoughts on the last three episodes of Deadwood...

As for now, I just wanted to say that I've begun to watch Homeland (my way of reacting to the SOPA/PIPA/HADOPI stuff) and I find it quite interesting and a bit disturbing. Not the terrorist plot per se or the very doubtful methods displayed on screen by the State agents, but in the way the show tackles the issue of voyeurism while providing a sort of meta commentary on the things we can know when watching a scene and the dark we still remain in. Watching Carrie (or Virgil) watch Brody and his family, is a bit like watching ourselves watching a tv show.

There's a lot of subtle and refreshing stuff in that series, even though the writing isn't perfect and also indulges in some cliches from time to time.

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Marking is like fighting. Papers are the evil adversaries that I hurt with my red pen until they are all bloody injured. The mark is the final coup de grâce ! I know it isn't pretty but someone has to do it.

Yes I'm done with one assignment, so I'm enjoying a tea time break. 

But there are still 27 papers left I have to finish today since tomorrow I give my students a last class test, a 2 hours essay, that I'll have to mark before Tuesday...

I think I've reached the Nineth Circle of Marking Hell. I can see Satan stuck in ice just below. Hopefully on Monday I'll escape by climbing the fur of Lucifer!

If  I get the marking done by, let's say, 9 pm, I'll reward myself with the finale of Lost which is downloading!

ETA: Updated deadline...10 pm might be more likely...I can do it, I can do it!
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I keep eating chocolate and cookies, and drinking coke...

But as usual, Chopin helps me to go through the papers. I don't know why but for me it's the best music to mark on. I tried Holst's  The Planets earlier but it was less efficient. And when it's Samson François who plays Chopin, Marking Hell tastes a bit like heaven.

He looked like a poet and played piano like a poet, and of course his life ended too soon due to a reckless spendthrift lifestyle and a surfeit of alcohol, tobacco and drugs..

I think I'll go on with The Preludes when the beautiful 4th Ballade is finished.


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