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My ten Buffy things that make me love the show for ever!

1) A writing based on metaphors. BTVS looked like a teen show with a stupid name, but it was one of the deepest and cleverest series ever made. A show that is about teenagers isn't necessarily a teen show. BTVS was demanding and layered (more than Angel the series that was more mainstream). It changed the way I watched television and taught me to parse episodes.

2) "Hush". A true masterpiece. Form matched content which is supposed to be the main goal of poetry. It had the scariest villains ever and the most hilarious scene too.

3) "Restless". If "Hush" was pure poetry, "Restless" was a mere symphony. It is the show's true musical episode, not OMWF. I loved Xander's dream the most. And only on Buffy you could see one of Sappho's poems written in Greek on Tara's back for only a few seconds shot!

4) Rupert Giles. He was the first reason I watched the show. Green-eyed British men have always been my weakness...

5) Ethan Rayne. Only four episodes and yet unforgettable. Robin Sacks gave us something precious. And Giles and Ethan were obviously made for each other!

6) Good dialogues. Some lines were funny, other were quite profound as in "To forgive is an act of compassion, Buffy. It's not done because people deserve it, it's done because they need it."

7) Spuffy. It was simply the hottest 'ship before it officially happened (sexual tension fueled the Buffy/Spike scene and there was "Something Blue" of course) but also when it occured ("Smashed"): all it took was the actors' chemistry and performances, and that zipper need to have soft porn/nudity ala True Blood!

8) William's nod to Cecily in "Fool For Love". It was Marsters' best piece of acting in an arty episode (the subway scene was something!).

9) Foreshadowing. It was so fun to pick up the clues and speculate before or afterwards!

10) Subversion of tropes and general boldness. I don't think that Whedon has been that daring and subversive in any of his other works after BTVS.

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