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This is just...I have no words!

The slaughterhouse from hell (warning: the video is unbearable if you are sensitive)

And I have no illusions about my own country since slaughterhouses are forbidden to the public, journalists and association over here.

Industrial breeding is a horror everywhere.

It's easier to turn a blind eye and ignore the reality so we don't have to question this capitalist system, our lifestyle and food consumption.

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Facts, 360 B.C.-A.D. 2012

In memoriam: After years of health problems, Facts has finally died...

This is simply excellent!
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First off, here's an interesting read: Notes from A Unicorn is the "confession" of a bisexual man who explains how difficult it is to be "bi" in this world (well, in his case, in the U.S).

Me, well, I think that the world would be slightly better if people stopped identifying themselves, and others, through sexuality...among other things.

Anyway, identity has nothing to do with boxes and labels, it's complex, changing, personal and singular.  Picking one component to identify oneself is dangerous because it's a simplification. Reducing the mystery that is a person to any "marker" is the first step towards de-humanizing people. Identifying anyone according to the supposed group to which they belong is the way genocides begin.

Embracing the same "logic" and labelling oneself  to fight discriminations and find acceptance in society seems paradoxical, to say the least. It isn't a reversal, replacing shame by pride, as some would like to believe; it is the same pattern, the same trap, all over again.

I do believe that "I'm me" should be the only valid answer to questions on identity, the only way to achieve equality; and the real tolerance is to accept the others as singularities, not as part of some community. But it seems that very few are ready for such acceptance and openness.

On the other hand, wanting to fit in and expressing what is expected from you, reproducing old outlines, or wanting the others to confirm our narrow views, are also human features.

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"This video shows the functional magnetic resonance imaging, fMRI, brain data of a participant experiencing an orgasm and the corresponding relationships seen within these different regions based on utilization of oxygen levels in the blood. 20 snapshots in time of the fMRI data are taken from a 7 minute sequence. Over the course of the 7 minutes the participant approaches orgasm, reaches orgasm and then enters a quiet period.

Oxygen utilization levels are displayed on a spectrum from dark red (lowest activity) to yellow/white (highest). As can be observed, an orgasm leads to almost the entire brain illuminating yellow, indicating that most brain systems become active at orgasm."

The woman in question explains, in an article from The Guardian, how she managed it!

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The Internet gives us great opportunities to ponder the matter of identity. There are many fakes around but they work because they meet the expectations of many people...even journalists whose job should be to tell truth and lies apart. Basically we want to believe, we want to be fooled. It's something that magicians have always understand.

The affair of the false Gay Girl from Damascus provides a new instance of the magic of the world wide web...

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But Sarah Palin has been denied a meeting with Margaret Thatcher, "because she's nuts" (sic).

And I can't help quoting this from Andrew Sullivan's blog:

"As usual, the tired old bigoted comedian Rush Limbaugh took offence that anyone could call Sarah Palin 'nuts,' even though she is quite obviously a few sandwiches short of a picnic, and her grip on reality is, shall we say, tenuous. And as usual, Limbaugh blamed it on the left, ie the Guardian's Wintour/Watt blog. What he doesn't understand is that Palin's nutsiness is not a partisan matter in Britain, or anywhere else in the world. It is an obvious truth marvelled at by all. Palin's emergence as a serious figure in American politics has made the country a laughing stock across the world. The idea that a stateswoman like Thatcher, in advanced dementia, would be used by such a crackpot is simply unseemly."

BTW I have always loved that idiom...that is "a few sandwiches short of a picnic" !

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It snowed all day long yesterday, which NEVER happens in Paris! Today, no snow but it was colder. Too cold for this mediterranean girl.  That Siberian weather must stop NOW!

ETA1: They forecast  - 8° C for tomorrow morning!

I can feel how the cold affects our bodies, tires them out. I fear for all the homeless tonight. On the other hand I'm quite pleased with the way my classes went today. It was a good day of teaching.

Speaking of the Russians, I've just seen on my flist page that LJ might be killed off soon...and I'm too lazy to back-up my journal. I've been saying for several weeks that the place was becoming colder and now I'm wondering whether I was forseeing its possible imminent death. *brace herself for the loss*

Some of you already have my email. For the others who wouldn't want to see me disappear and would like to keep on virtual conversations, you can get in touch with me through or through my blog Correspondance. I also post from time to time on a Lost Forum and a BSG forum, especially when the shows are on. BSG starts again on the 16th and Lost on the 21st.

So just in case...DASVIDAGNA !!!!

ETA2: Keep killing children and innocent civilians, Israel, and let the carnage go on and the humanitarian situation  worsen in Gaza, you are making new religious fanatics and Hamas fighter every day. What a  wonderful world. *sigh*


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