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Did I mention before how amazingly handsome Ray Stevenson is ?

Okay, I think I did. His acting is also spot on. He is definitely the best thing on Dexter these days, stealing every scene he is in. I feel a teeny bit sorry for Michael C. Hall...

Now I have the urge to fetch my dvds of Rome and droll watching watch my Roman soldiers. Especially given that, beside Stevenson, there's James Purefoy who is also eye candy, and oozing sex appeal as Marc Anthony!

As for The Walking Dead, well, Read more... )

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thanks to frelling_talk I've seen this youtube tribute to Jesse/Walt

I love the pair so much. Their relationship has become the core of the show as much as Walter's journey is.

Sometimes I think that I'm more into non sexual relationships than into romantic ones, yet I used to be a Spuffy 'shipper!

So here is a list of my 10 favourite non sexual relationships on tv.

1. Jesse Pinkman/Walter White in Breaking Bad

2. Sam Tyler/Gene Hunt in Life On Mars

3. Titus Pullo/Lucius Vorenus in Rome

4. Sherlock/John in Sherlock

5. Seth Bullock/Sol Star in Deadwood

6. Bill Adama/Saul Tigh in Battlestar Galactica

7.  Raylan Givens/Boyd Crowder in Justified

8.  Will Gardner/ Diane Lockhart in The Good Wife

9.   Daniel Graystone/Joseph Adama in Caprica

10. Vinnie Terranova/Sonny Steelgrave in Wiseguy

I know, almost all my choices are about male relationships, and there are no female friendship in my list. I blame my taste for bromance but the tv writers for not creating more strong relationships between female characters.

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Tonight I watched the first three episodes of The Kennedys, that was showed on ARTE. I didn't expect much but I watched it for Barry Pepper who is one of the best American actors these days, in my opinion.

They hinted at JFK's Addison disease but, so far, shied away from the subject of Rosemary. Poor Rosemary Kennedy, still written off.

Anyway, The Borgias is a much better show. Don't think I will check the next episodes, sorry Barry!

Also, just saw this interview with Jonathan Banks in which he gives his take on Mike...and Wiseguy gets mentioned which reminds me of how much I loved the show, back in the 80's. It was one of my favourites along with Magnum P.I, and later The Equalizer. Not the brilliant series we have in this golden age of television, but still great shows.

In Wiseguy, I liked, above all, the Sonny Steelgrave/Vinnie Terranova relationship. It was my first tv bromance, I guess, and it prepared me for many others, especially Raylan/Boyd in Justified.

So let's remember Sonny the mob king and Vinnie the infliltred cop...and how Banks looked like 20 years ago!

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I've started uploading pictures from Rome, on photobucket, but I'm feeling extremely Internet-lazy...and every time I think of posting  a new LJ entry, I give up. All will come in time, I guess.

BTW, Breaking Bad returns in 4 days (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I have a post in my head, about the character Walter White, that demands to be done, but I am not ready to write it down yet.

As for the tv shows I missed when I was away, I have caught up with Mad Men, The Borgias...and I even watched the final episodes of The Killing, because I was curious, and I caught up with the new season of True Blood.
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Which TV shows did you start watching in 2011?
The Wire (I watched it in January!) Justified, Game of Thrones, The Borgias, The Killing, Deadwood, Boardwalk Empire, The Shadow Line, The Hour and lately Downton Abbey and Hell on Wheels. And perhaps Misfits, can't remember when I started actually.

Phew, that's a lot! I guess you can tell I didn't teach from November 2010 to September 2011!

Which TV shows did you let go of in 2011?

 I watched the first episode of Misfits' season 3 but didn't bother to see the next episodes; I let go of Hell on Wheels two weeks ago I'm letting go of Dexter too.

Which TV shows did you mean to get into but didn't in 2011? Why?
Treme. Not enough time, and I also have the feeling that it might not be for me.

Which TV shows do you intend on checking out in 2012?


Which TV show impressed you least in 2011?
Hell on Wheels. It never took off. It's very cartoonish, the writing is average at best , without any depth below a seemingly sophisticated surface, and I was just bored when watching it. The Killing had a terrific pilot but it went downhill after that to become quite bad towards the end. As for old shows, Dexter.

Which TV show do you think you might let go of in 2012 unless things significantly improve?

 House. And I don't think things will improve. Probably True Blood.

Which TV show impressed you the most in 2011? Why?

Justified is a favourite and I loved The Wire and I've even come to be hooked to Boardwalk Empire too, but Deadwood was the show that impressed me the most. The two first seasons just blew me away. It's simply brilliant and there's something quite unique about it.

Which TV shows do you think you'll never let go of no matter how crappy they get? Why?
I'm rather loyal but I have little patience for crap. Maybe Justified, because I so like my Raylan Givens and his pal/nemesis Boyd Crowder that I could turn a blind eye if the writing became poor. Merlin is crappy, but a bit less silly than in season 1, and despite Tony Head being no longer in the cast I am willing to go on for the actors. Bradley James is beautiful beyond words and it's rare to see such slashy subtext in a kid show! The writers must have a contest or something...

Shows I watched and loved that aren't mentioned on this list because I started them in another year

Breaking Bad which might be the best tv show I have EVER seen. Close to perfection in every department that matters to me, that is writing, cinematography, acting, dark humour, creativity.

The Good Wife that I really like.
Fringe that I still like.
Doctor Who that is like nothing else, especially when Moffat runs the show!

PS: Don't leave me alone on DW, please!

On holiday

Dec. 20th, 2011 10:50 am
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Still waiting for the bloody parcel! It'd better arrive soon for I'm off to the library in the afternoon.

This holiday is going to be very sudious. I have to, otherwise my thesis will never progress. I rested for the last two days because I was truly exhausted. Also went to the opera on Saturday evening and saw Verdi's La Forza del Destino. The production was rather average and the singers weren't great, but Philippe Jordan was, as usual, terrific at directing the orchestra. He is an amazing conductor.

I have some free cable channels until January 7, including TCM, so apart from my Deadwood sessions I also watched or re-watched a few films.

I re-watched Cold Hand Luke, It's A Wonderful Life and Mr Smith Goes to Washington (they're having a Capra week!), and watched two French films that I didn't bother to see at the cinema when they were released: Demain Dès L'Aube and Le Concert. The latter was a big success in France at the time. It's one of those popular feel-good movies  that aren't actually very good.

I'm also catching up on Downton Abbey's second series (only the first one has been showed on French tv). The strings are obvious and it's super melodramatical, but it's well-filmed, the dialogues are well done and the actors are good...I must admit that the characters have grown on me(I'm quite fond of his Lordship and Mr Bates). It's a bit of a guilty pleasure, like Merlin (well to be fair, it's better written than Merlin). By the way I can't wait for the finale of Merlin on Sunday!!!!! :- )

I've given up on Hell on Wheels (AMC has been so disappointing when it comes to new shows *sigh*) and I'm dropping Dexter for good. this season was an ordeal. I watched until the last episode because I hate to quit, but it was just awful. I don't think I have felt that embarrassed for the writers and the actors, especially during terrible episodes like "Get Gellar" (worst episode ever!!) or "Talk to the Hand". It's a sad thing to see a promising show (in its first two seasons at least, after that it mostly relied on the lead's acting skills and good villains played by great actors) turn into something so ridiculous, badly executed and poorly written (the supposed twist that everybody and their uncle saw coming from the first episode! *eyes roll*). It's actually become worse than House yet House jumped the shark a while back!

So now I'm waiting for the third season of Justified, Sherlock's second series and the return of The Good Wife and FRINGE. Not really looking forward to watching any other show (except for the final season of Breaking Bad of course, but there's still a long wait until that) but I know myself, I will probably watch The Waking Dead when it comes back (because you know...Daryl!) and, mostly out of curiosity, Game of Thrones' second season.

I realise that I haven't tried or liked many "new shows", but yes I'm picky, watching tv shows online isn't as easier as turning the telly on and using the remote control and I usually can guess what I will like or not. My best "finds" in 2011 were definitely Justified (thanks to shadowkat67), Boardwalk Empire and The Shadow Line (thanks to [personal profile] elisi ).

Still mourning Caprica, Terriers and Rubicon....

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The Good Wife was really good this week (I just adore Diane!).

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So The Good Wife was fine but I kept banging my head on the keyboard while watching The Walking Dead. Every time I think these people couldn't be more stupid and the writing couldn't be poorer, I realise I'm wrong! And it doesn't help that this was a Daryl-light episode.

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Since I work on my thesis during the week days, I have decided to have real week ends. When this break is over, I will resume the busy weekends filled with preparations and marking.

So I'm treating myself with movies-- I saw Clooney's last movie, starring Ryan Gosling (who is in every films these days)--, books and tv shows.

Except that, when the week end comes I'm running out of tv shows!

Of course someday I'll have to watch the third and final season of Deadwood that I own on DVD, but I'm still postponing it, to keep it a bit longer, to save it for when I will have nothing really good left to watch. It's like having a great bottle of wine aging in your cave and wanting to keep it for the perfect day.

The fact that it's the second week sans FRINGE doesn't help, though. Not that FRINGE is in the same league, but it's one of those tv shows I'm hooked to and follow, like a good tv slut, so they make the Breaking Bad withdrawal easier.

BTW, do we know when the third season of Justified is supposed to start? I'm longing for my Raylan and Boyd. :-(

But I've received my DVD box of Caprica, so I spent yesterday evening (after watching the Bolshoi thing on ARTE), and today's grey and rainy afternoon, re-watching the series and listening to the episode commentaries (basically the podcasts they recorded when the series was on). I'm surprised to like some scenes I didn't like much when I saw the series in 2010 (like the dancing robot scene) and I don't think it's only because watching it on my big flat screen is better than on my laptop.

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I've been reading reactions to the last episode of Breaking Bad, and it's obvious that the audience is pretty much divided in two teams: the viewers who root for the good guy aka Hank, and those who love cool villains and root for the bad guys.

I have never been that intrigued by "cool villains" because I see them as tv tropes most of the time (my favourite villain this year was a mature woman in Justified! She was not "cool" but she was one of the greatest villains ever), and as much as I adore Hank, I find myself rooting for Walt these days.cut for length not for spoilers )

Now I'm back to reading stuff on inquisition...

So true

Sep. 10th, 2011 12:12 pm
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Stolen from David Lavery:

"When it comes to TV shows, it’s easy to forget the importance of perception. We can think of an episode, or an entire season, as a sort of single entity, and then act like that entity can be marked as “good” or “bad,” quality-wise. Simple enough, right? Like, “The third season of Breaking Bad is one of the best seasons of any show in the history of television.” That’s a bold statement, and it’s certainly possible to disagree with it, but nobody argues that you can’t say it at all. And once it’s said, if you do agree with it, that group of 13 episodes becomes more than its individual parts. You rewatch it, you see connections between scenes you might not have noticed before, that might not even have been intended by the show’s creators. And when you go into the next season, you expect that level of quality to continue, which is good and bad. On the plus side, it means every new scene, even the most mundane, will be viewed with an eye presuming genius. On the down side, if those new scenes don’t start delivering on the same (and I mean the exact same) promises the last season provided, people will get restless. It’s a dangerous line to walk."
--Zach Handlen (recapping the firs episode of Season 4 of Sons of Anarchy)

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Obviously, I'm aging.

The first Rugby World Cup happened in NZ and I made the effort and got up very early to watch a few matches (I watched them with my father who was still alive then), but I was much much younger...So apparently "Les Bleus" won against Japan today but I didn't see it. Right now, England vs Argentina is on. I can't get used of seeing the English all in black. I'm sorry but this is just wrong! Anyway, the Pumas are leading but the game is boring...

I'm done with watching Babylon 5. Yes I have seen the 5 seasons this summer! It was a rather good show, but extremely uneven writing-wise. A few episodes were brilliant, others not so much. I really liked season 2 and season 3, but it went downhill afterwards, with season 4. Season 5 was better though. Had I watched it when it aired I would probably have loved the show, but now that I'm older and wiser, and much harder to please, I can't help seeing the flaws and weaknesses. That said, it's worth seeing, if only for the characters. The show delivered great characterization (once it has gotten rid of Sinclair as a main character!) and I really liked Lennier, Vir and Garibaldi (and Bester too!), but the most interesting journeys were Londo's and G'Kar's.

G'Kar is one of those iconic tv characters that can't be forgotten, a character that is one of a kind and owns the screen the way few characters do (like Gene Hunt in Life on Mars/Ashes to ashes, Spike in BtVS or Desmond Hume in Lost). I simply adored him. Londo Mollari is less likeable -- as G'Kar said "I'm a better person"-- but he's very well played and he's such a tragic character that I loved him too. Oh and on a shallow note Bruce Boxleitner was cute (and of course the british actor who played Marcus Cole was very attractive), and his Sheridan worked.

So now I can focus on current tv shows. We've got a few more weeks of the wonderful Breaking Bad ahead, and of Moffat's Doctor Who. When those are done I will resume my Deadwood watchage. To tell the truth, I won't have much time for tv shows so I will stick to the very good ones.

This Autumn, I mostly look forward to seeing second season of Sherlock and season 3 of The Good Wife (Justified too but I'll have to wait until Spring, I guess) but I know myself so, even though I'm quite worried about season 4, I will watch FRINGE as well. I'm rather curious about AMC's Hell on Wheels so I might give it a try.

Oh and there will be Tom Fontana's Borgia to check out, if I can grab the episodes online for I don't have Canal Plus...

I think that's enough, really.

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That's it, I'm done watching the episodes I missed while I was away, mostly Breaking Bad's "Open House" and "Bullet Points". The latter was simply amazing: a super cool cold open, three great conversation scenes involving Walt (the "bullet points" one being both funny and horrible and almost made me feel sorry for Walt), new heartbreaking Jesse scenes (I wanted to slap Walter for being so selfish and unconcerned with Jesse's distress, and the video game thing just made me so sad), new stellar perfomances from Bryan and Aaron...

Tim Goodman wrote a good analysis of the last two episodes and the themes of season 4 (thanks to [personal profile] hungryhippo11  for the link) and Myles McNutt wrote a great review of "Bullet Points" on his blog.

I really should stop watching any other tv shows when Breaking Bad is currently on. It's so brillant, both in writing, acting and in regard to the cinematography, that it isn't fair to other series to  be seen along.

Yet I still watched the True Blood and Torchwood episodes I had missed.

Concering Miracle Day, I must say that the two last episodes showed a certain improvement but that Americanized version of Torchwood just doesn't work for me. Read more... )

As for True Blood, it's a bit less boring now than in the beginning of the season and the series had its moments but it's hardly quality tv. Read more... )
I'm also watching 90's show these days...

I have been having an OZ dvd marathon (a birthday present!) for weeks and falling in love with the show all over again. It was truly a groundbreaking tv shows and a masterpiece in terms of originality and characters study. Eammon Walker was so gorgeous as Kareem Said, Dean Winters so charming as survivor and Iago-like Ryan O'Reilly, and I love Rita Moreno as Sister Pete, father Mukada...and oh Miguel Alvarez' tragic fate still breaks my heart!

And it's funny to notice that there were so many actors who would be on The Wire years later, who appeared there, either as regulars (Bodie used to be Kenny Wangler!) or guests playing hacks or prisoners (Daniels, Avon Barksdale, Carter, Herc, Lester!). Also, I had forgotten that Battista from Dexter used to be an inmate in Emerald City (when Dexter started I only recognised Gloria) .

Sometimes it's just soooo obvious that there's a huge gap between the greatest tv shows and entertaining and efficient tv shows (which are already so much better than most of the tv crap people watch).

That said, entertainment can be good too, when it's done well. I'm still watching my way through Babylon 5 (currently I'm halfway in season 2) and loving the ride. I wouldn't put the show in my pantheon and it has a bit aged already (much more than OZ), but it's a lot of fun and I've grown fond of the characters who are more subtle than it appeared at first.  I rather adore Garibaldi, G'Kar and Lennier, I think that Londo's journey is quite interesting. I'm pleased that Sinclair has been replaced by Sheridan aka Bruce Boxleitner

I know, I really watch a lot of television this Summer...

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I'm already halfway in Deadwood's season 2. I know I should slow down but it's addictive.

I have many things to say about "Requiem for a Gleet", "Complications (Formerly Difficulties") and "Something Very Expensive", and I need to write a proper post on the show, but I'm too tired right now so this ain't it.

OZ and BtVS are still very dear to me, always will be, but Deadwood truly is a gem (pun intended) and could become my favourite show ever.

Of course, when Breaking Bad will return in July I might sing another song!

Today, I spent hours translating a few pages bits from Brehal's Recollectio, the chapter about Jeanne's wearing male clothes and got stuck with bits on morality, borrowed from Thomas Aquinas' lectures, that were just so obscure, beyond understanding (both because of the concepts and the way they were written in Latin) was so frustrating, so hair-pulling, that I almost cried.

And then I go to the internet and it's all about Anthony Weiner's naughty bits!

The strange world I live in...

Telly time

May. 17th, 2011 10:08 pm
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My DVD box of Deadwood has arrived !!!!

I'm so excited and yet I want to save season 2 and 3  so the wonderful experience of watching that brilliant show will last longer. And I don't have much time these days anyway.

As for my online shows, the last episode of The Killing was poorly written. I'm  *this* close to give it up (I won't because I want to know who killed Rosie). It's a shame really because there's wasted potential here.

Fortunately the last episode of Game of Thrones was good. It's the first time the series really worked for me, completely, and, from what I read it's the first time that it took many liberties from the book, making up several scenes that didn't exist in it (I read that about half the episode is "new"). The show might be becoming a proper tv series after all (I was losing faith in it given that I was extremely bored during the previous episode and I did consider dropping it).
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I haven't watched the last episode of The Borgias yet.

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I haven't seen the last episode of The Borgias yet, but I've read this article by the New York Review of Books and it is mostly about what makes the show a terrible series.

To be fair -- even though I still don't consider The Borgias to be a very good show-- if we put aside the historical inaccuracies and the formulaic stuff, there are also some neat things in Jordan's series here and there.

I wonder if the same journalist will write something on the upcoming Borgia series by Tom Fontana that is supposed to be faithful to history.

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I've been re-watching Twin Peaks on ARTE (the French-german network) for three weeks, and guess what? It isn't as good as I remembered.
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Both Game of Thrones and The Borgias provided their best episode to last on Sunday, and The Killing has never been that good since the pilot!

No, I don't think it's my view or mood that have changed, the three shows were really much better this week, especially The Borgias.

For the first time the writing of The Borgias was really refined and sophisticated (thanks to the Greeks, the Latin and the use of metaphors and parallels in the structure of the episode!); Game of Thrones made its characters real and moving and took care of the transitions between scenes, and The Killing has found back its groove, providing an engrossing episode that had me on the edge of the seat, paying hommage to Six Feet Under at the beginning of the episode and building up the tension.

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And I'm so excited about the season finale of Justified tomorrow! Timothy Olyphant was so good in the previous episode.
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I'm again somewhat underwhelmed by the three shows I watch on Mondays, same as last week, id est The Killing, The Borgias, and Game of Thrones, although the latter was better this week (and Tyrion was again well fleshed out by Peter Dinklage!).

I have the feeling that The Killing could be terrific but there's something missing still, and the show is playing with fire with all the winks at Twin Peaks while its tone and "identity" are obviously different. There are several things that I like in each episode of the show, and it had a strong pilot, but since then it seems to be looking to find a way to bloom into greatness and that way keeps eluding it.

The Borgias and Game of Thrones are both entertaining, nice to watch...but that's it. They aren't bad at all, but it's all about the eyes and  a little bit about the heart (this week at least GoT was more emotionally-filled) – and probably about the hormones too – but I can't find any food for thoughts, while I can't help noticing tv tropes and the obvious goals of certain scenes.

So I don't want to write down a review that would mostly consist in either pointing out the tropes and predicatble stuff (or historical inacurracies in the case of The Borgias!) or simply re-telling the events on screen and describing certain scenes, or maybe swooning over the good looks of certain actors – although I could point out that certains shots from The Borgias seem to be "composed" as Renaissance paintings– and, in the case of GoT since I haven't read the books it's based on, I can't even discuss the adptation and the choices that were made; I have nothing to say about the writing, no connection to draw, no desire to speculate; I just don't get excited about those shows' episodes neither before watching, during watching or after seeing them while I got all excited yesterday by Steven Moffat's "The Impossible Astronaut" !!!


On the other hand, I've started to watch Deadwood and boy, now that's a fantastic show! I know I'm very late to the party, and I know I'm bound to be frustrated as the show had a premature death, but it's REALLY good television.

The fourth episode of the first season, "Here was a man", just blew me away. I knew it was going to happen, and it happened just on time so the show could go on and have its own little fictional universe filled with incredible characters.

Deadwood I would love to write about, but I guess that it would be for myself only since it's an old story (the show was cancelled in 2006!).

Oh well, maybe I will nonetheless.

Open wound

Apr. 21st, 2011 07:31 pm
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Looks like the man who wrote the series Game of Throne is based on, hated the finale of LOST (he called it shitty on twitter )and even more the finale of BSG, a show he was a fan of and considered superior to Babylon 5.

Me, I'm always kinda disappointed with finales, and I think that they are generally less good than the average quality of the whole series, but I've made my peace with both Buffy's and BSG's final episode. LOST's finale, however, I still dislike very much!

The Game of Thrones show would better have a hell of an ending !!!

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If Jeremy Irons weren't playing Alexander VI I am not sure that I would stick with The Borgias. The writing isn't that good, there's a lack of originality in the storytelling and you can smell the tv formula behind the prettiness. It isn't a new Rome but Iron's charisma, sex-appeal and acting are simply too good to miss.

I wonder if  Tom Fontana's Borgia will be better. It will air in November on Canal Plus (teaser here). The cast seems good even though there is no big star. The actor playing Rodrigo Borgia was Rawls on The Wire and looks much more like the real Alexander VI. And Fontana (who is apparently a Catholic!) was behind one of the best tv series ever, OZ, so he could bring a creativity that the Showtime's series lacks.

Fontana said he wanted to be faithful to history while Neil Jordan was willing to change stuff and make things up (which he already did in the first three episodes I've seen). Also, Fontana obviously doesn't shy away from incest while I am not sure that Neil Jordan will go that road, at least not explicitly.

That said, I like the idea of those two series reviving the old pope/anitpope and Great Schism issues. Oddly enough Fontana wrote his episodes before The Borgias pilot was even written, but the Showtime series started being shot 6 months before Borgia (both being shot in Eastern Europe of course). So who is the antipope here?

I suppose that we should consider Jeremy Irons to be the Roman Pope because he was elected first on screen, which makes John Doman the antipope in Avignon.

We'll see in November if this Cathodic  adept must claim her support to one of them or simply decide a soustraction d'obédience ! :- )


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