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I don't read as much as I used to...I mean I don't read for pleasure and fun as much I used to – of course I read al the time because of the doctorate, but it's either mediaeval documents I work on or History books or theology books or canon law books.

I still read "in bed" but it isn't as regular as it once was. I blame all those great American tv shows I can't help but follow.

I say American, because most of them are from the U.S, but there's of course Doctor Who, and lately I've followed the daring and dark The Shadow Line on the BBC. It wasn't as "special" as Life on Mars or even Ashes to ashes, but it was a memorable moment of television.

To be fair, there are also movies and music that fill the relaxation/culture moments of my life, but it saddens me a little that tv is eating away the time I could devote to reading, especially in the evenings. Feeling the urge to write essays on certain shows that are so thought-provoking doesn't help of course.

Actually, I blame the Internet for providing both tv shows and places to write down about them!

So the pile of to-read-books keep getting higher and higher. There's for instance the book a colleague gave me last year (!) when I left our school, or Pynchon's Mason & Dixon that I  got about at the same time; or The Goldbug Variations by Richard Powers (and it's one of his biggest novels) that I bought months ago; or La fabrique du droit by Bruno Latour or Viktor Vavitch by Boris Jitkov; or the book ( Dino Egger by Eric Chevillard) that I keep in my purse for metro-reading but I rarely find a seat when I am in the subway so I haven't begun to read it yet! And the list goes on...

I finally started reading the last novel by Umberto Eco, Le Cimetière de Prague, yesterday and I'm determined to finish it quickly so I probably won't be online much in the upcoming days.

ETA: I leave you for a little while with this poem, which, contrary to common belief, has not been written by Pablo Neruda.

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May. 29th, 2011 12:58 pm
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The last days have been very busy, working in the library and polishing the article I finally sent out yesterday evening, yet I managed to watch the last Jesse Stone tv movie, "Innocents Lost".

Oh that dog!!!!

I love Tom Selleck, he knows his character very well (he co-writes the episodes now afterwall) and easily plays Jesse  and it's always a pleasure ot see all those wondeful characters, Suitcase, Mr Fish, Jesse' s old boss in Boston, the shrink played by William Devane, Hasty and his blinky bow tie and his "I'm very fond of you, Jesse", but really Reggie has become the star of the show.

Give that dog an Emmy already!!!! Is there an award for canine actors? Joe so expressive that he would put to shame many human actors! I adored the scenes in which he watched films on tv with Jesse.

As usual there was very little action and the plot wasn't very important. It's all about the atmosphere and the characters. And Reggie !!!

ETA: Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in France !!!

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There was a big party in the building in fornt of mine last I slept in and got up only at 11 am.

Let's start the day, that will soon turn into Marking hell again, with a tv poll nicked from [personal profile] st_salieri :

I'll choose characters from recent tv shows that I talk about on my LJ...

The top 10 TV fictional characters I wouldn't sleep with, even if you paid me:

Top 10 fictional TV characters that I've probably already sexed up, in my head:
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I've just watched a television report on a peculiar priest, Le Père Samuel, in Belgium...scary!

Have you heard of that guru, [profile] frances_lievens ?

ETA: I googled his name and found many sites/blogs mentioning him as a brave man for being a defender of western civilization against the new nazism that would be Islam! It's even scarier now...I'm all for supporting any speech against religions, any anticlericalism, any anti-islamism etc...but when people are ready to throw themselves into the arms of such a manipulator, it's nothing but being narrow-minded, it's bloody stupidity !

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I was back to school today. I've still a lot of marking ahead, but after talking to my colleagues, I feel less guilty. Also I was kind of happy to see my students, and honestly I think I was a good teacher today even though a whole day of teaching left me quite tired. I had a nice chat with 4 of them after the last class. It started about some work they had to do, but then they asked me my opinion about some stuff and I replied honestly. We had a bonding moment and it was cool. Sometimes I love my job and I really like the youngsters especially in moments of trust when you get to see a spark in their eyes, a knowing smile, when you catch a glimpse of the young adults they are about to become.

Between papers, or rather while marking papers, I caught up with Lost and Battestar Galactica over the week end.

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Today I ate Twelth Night Cake with friends (and we slayed 3 bottles of champagne) and I watched some telly stuff.  Three episodes of Battlestar Gallactica I had downloaded and in the evening I sobered up while watching, on the cable, a HBO show from Argentina called Epitafios.


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Dec. 31st, 2005 12:01 am
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I've just seen the 3 hours mini-series Battlestar Gallactica, and now I'd like to see the series! Damn....I can't download a new show! Of course now that Nip/Tuck is over...Mmmm temptation, temptation!


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They are playing The Red Shoes tonight on tv !!!

It's your typical Holiday tv reruns (just like Gone With the Wind or the Sissi series starring young Romy Schneider!) and I've seen it at least 5 times already (the last time it was years ago)but I sooooooo love that movie!

I've always thought that Joss Whedon made a wink at The Red Shoes in Once More With Feeling, especially with the man who can't stop tap-dancing until he burns up.

Who is the little girl who hasn't wanted to be Moira Shearer as Vicky Page once in their life? And I've always loved Hans Christian Andersen's sad tales and I love the ballet in the middle of the film...that works like a mirror within the movie. A beautiful mise en abîme! And all the connections to Russian stories or RL dancers are neat(Ana Karenina, the relationship betewen Dyagilev and Nizhinskii etc). The romance isn't really the core of the film and I've never liked Julian Craster so I couldn't understand Vicky's final choice. Boris Lermontov is definitely the most interesting character of the movie.


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