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Since I work on my thesis during the week days, I have decided to have real week ends. When this break is over, I will resume the busy weekends filled with preparations and marking.

So I'm treating myself with movies-- I saw Clooney's last movie, starring Ryan Gosling (who is in every films these days)--, books and tv shows.

Except that, when the week end comes I'm running out of tv shows!

Of course someday I'll have to watch the third and final season of Deadwood that I own on DVD, but I'm still postponing it, to keep it a bit longer, to save it for when I will have nothing really good left to watch. It's like having a great bottle of wine aging in your cave and wanting to keep it for the perfect day.

The fact that it's the second week sans FRINGE doesn't help, though. Not that FRINGE is in the same league, but it's one of those tv shows I'm hooked to and follow, like a good tv slut, so they make the Breaking Bad withdrawal easier.

BTW, do we know when the third season of Justified is supposed to start? I'm longing for my Raylan and Boyd. :-(

But I've received my DVD box of Caprica, so I spent yesterday evening (after watching the Bolshoi thing on ARTE), and today's grey and rainy afternoon, re-watching the series and listening to the episode commentaries (basically the podcasts they recorded when the series was on). I'm surprised to like some scenes I didn't like much when I saw the series in 2010 (like the dancing robot scene) and I don't think it's only because watching it on my big flat screen is better than on my laptop.

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I didn't see this coming in!

The Shield or when Dutch lost it! )

Oh my !

Nov. 24th, 2005 08:43 pm
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I watched 2 episodes of The Shield.

I'm just gobsmaked by The Shield )

Rescue Me )

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If I were a good girl I would have marked some papers today...instead I watched 3 episodes of The Shield (the 2 last eppys of season 2 and the first one of seaosn 3), the last Lost and James' scenes on Smallville!

But hey could have been worse...I can't get the 8th episode of Nip/Tuck. I tried several sites to grab a working torrent but nothing, nada, wallou, rien de rien!

The Shield )

Lost )

Small James )

I wanna see Nip/Tuck damnit!

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I watched 2 episodes of The Shield on Wednesday and I've just watched the 6th episode of Nip/Tuck season 3...

The Shield )

When Nip/Tuck meets Six Feet Under )

Oh my!

Oct. 4th, 2005 04:55 pm
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I watched ep 2 of The Shield season 2. Wow

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Now I've got to get ready for the concert!!!!!


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