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So NZ won...8-7 ! But one point is enough to be World Champion.

I didn't expect much from this match, but France was great and it turned out to be an engaging game. Our rugby players did well, finding the fighting spirit they lacked before and made us forget all the previous games in which they were very disappointing.

It's funny, but as much as France didn't deserve to play in that final, it actually deserved to win this match. They were actually better than the All Blacks during these 80 minutes. But NZ was smart, and we lost Parra and Mr Joubert was totally biased...

Well, it happens. As I said on twitter, payback is a bitch and we find ourselves in the Welch's shoes. Wales should have won last week, and we should have won today.

That said, NZ really deserves to be World Champion, considering all its previous matches, so there's some kind of justice at the end of the day.
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Obviously, I'm aging.

The first Rugby World Cup happened in NZ and I made the effort and got up very early to watch a few matches (I watched them with my father who was still alive then), but I was much much younger...So apparently "Les Bleus" won against Japan today but I didn't see it. Right now, England vs Argentina is on. I can't get used of seeing the English all in black. I'm sorry but this is just wrong! Anyway, the Pumas are leading but the game is boring...

I'm done with watching Babylon 5. Yes I have seen the 5 seasons this summer! It was a rather good show, but extremely uneven writing-wise. A few episodes were brilliant, others not so much. I really liked season 2 and season 3, but it went downhill afterwards, with season 4. Season 5 was better though. Had I watched it when it aired I would probably have loved the show, but now that I'm older and wiser, and much harder to please, I can't help seeing the flaws and weaknesses. That said, it's worth seeing, if only for the characters. The show delivered great characterization (once it has gotten rid of Sinclair as a main character!) and I really liked Lennier, Vir and Garibaldi (and Bester too!), but the most interesting journeys were Londo's and G'Kar's.

G'Kar is one of those iconic tv characters that can't be forgotten, a character that is one of a kind and owns the screen the way few characters do (like Gene Hunt in Life on Mars/Ashes to ashes, Spike in BtVS or Desmond Hume in Lost). I simply adored him. Londo Mollari is less likeable -- as G'Kar said "I'm a better person"-- but he's very well played and he's such a tragic character that I loved him too. Oh and on a shallow note Bruce Boxleitner was cute (and of course the british actor who played Marcus Cole was very attractive), and his Sheridan worked.

So now I can focus on current tv shows. We've got a few more weeks of the wonderful Breaking Bad ahead, and of Moffat's Doctor Who. When those are done I will resume my Deadwood watchage. To tell the truth, I won't have much time for tv shows so I will stick to the very good ones.

This Autumn, I mostly look forward to seeing second season of Sherlock and season 3 of The Good Wife (Justified too but I'll have to wait until Spring, I guess) but I know myself so, even though I'm quite worried about season 4, I will watch FRINGE as well. I'm rather curious about AMC's Hell on Wheels so I might give it a try.

Oh and there will be Tom Fontana's Borgia to check out, if I can grab the episodes online for I don't have Canal Plus...

I think that's enough, really.

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I was a bad girl. I went to the movies instead of marking papers. Perhaps I should have marked papers...

So I went and saw 2012...just because Chiwetel Ejiofor had a major role in it. I'm sure he'd manage to act his way through the crappiest movies and yet would remain somehow untarnished because he's just a classy talented actor, and I hope this big movie would help his career but it's probably the worst film he has played in.

Don't get me wrong I like me some disaster movies from time to time– for example I actually enjoyed The Day After Tomorrow despite a certain formulaic storyline (the brave daddy turned into a hero!)– but in this case the suspension of disbelief was really really impossible and I didn't think it was possible to write more clichés and more predictable scenes!

When I see a big Hollywood crap like that on the silver screen I love my tv shows even more.

Now it's Rugby time, we're playing South Africa for a test match!

ETA: They did it! They ruled the game and beat the world champions 20-13!

As usual it's a fact that we can beat any team during a test match but we can't do it when it's the world cup. Go figure.

ETA 2: I am not alone! via [ profile] whedonesqueI found this article! I can't help quoting the ending:

"The movie's most spectacular special effect is an actor. As far as I can recall, Ejiofor has never given a bad performance, although near the end of "2012" Emmerich, surely unwittingly, challenges that record by saddling him with an overwrought and overwritten speech about how necessary it is for human beings to treat one another with kindness and compassion -- otherwise, why save the human race at all? Ejiofor delivers this tin-can dialogue, which probably took Emmerich all of 12 minutes to write between bites of sandwich and phone calls to his agent, as if it were the St. Crispin's Day speech: With his perfect and yet wholly human enunciation, he turns a few dumb words into a tone poem of deep emotion and conviction. I leaned forward in my seat, gladly buying every syllable of this godforsaken baloney and then, when it was over, wishing there were more. The Rockies may tumble, Gibraltar may crumble, but Ejiofor, thank God, is here to stay."
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...où subsiste encore to echo. Où subsiste encore to écho.

So that was a huge defeat but England deserved that victory, they were obviously better and faster than us; our team was just the shadow of a rugby team, hopeless and broken. At least we scored one try. 

Not a good weekend for France, after Alain Bashung died yesterday. La nuit je mens is a song I love because of its lyrics and because Tom did a cover of it.

So speaking of echoes, here's a few thoughts about Dollhouse, I promised earlier.

True Believers )
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Because today I received some pictures from the new calendar of the famous  Les Dieux du Stade. Like the previous years, I had to share a best-of (according to me) with my flist.

Ladies and gentlemen, watch and enjoy!

ETA: WARNING the pictures under the cut are not work safe!

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France vs England Rugby games are always very special, especially when we win 31-6 ! LOL

French team played well and deserved the victory while the world champions were a bit off.

Here's  a bunch of pictures showing our young and cute scrum half , Dimitri Yachvili (who is also a stricker), for [profile] so_sharlemaine and everybody.


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