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Apr. 21st, 2007 03:53 pm
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So this is the last day of my little game and here are the last three of the Twelve.


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Apr. 20th, 2007 05:52 pm
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Our first candidate today must be unknown by foreigners...Hell he's barely known in France!

The second one is more famous...

And the last candidate of the day is

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Apr. 20th, 2007 02:36 pm
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I will post about Nihous, Royal and Sarkozy later, but I want to add something about our previous flyers.


[personal profile] sister_luck pointed out it was very populist, showing Le Pen as an action man (despite his age!) with a carnassial smile. In his handwritten motto, Le Pen wrote "Vive la Vie, Vive la République Vive la France" in that order. I checked out and he's the only one who used the word "la vie". I think it's interesting. What does that mean?

I believe it's a wink to the traditionalist (pro-life) Catholics who, according to the polls, would tend to vote for Sarkozy. Le Pen had to use a card that other candidates from the right didn't dare to use. He can no longer rely only on his infamous "La France aux Français" and the nationalist speech about immigration because De Villiers AND Sarkozy took up that field too (Sarkozy even stole his motto "La France tu l'aimes ou tu la quittes!"). 

So "La Vie" appears on the poster just as sacred as "La République" or "La France" (the use of la République is to reassure people of course). It's a simple message, 3 truths, 3 unchanging values. Le Pen is assuming a pro-life profile by using the word on his poster. A year ago his daughter said that abortion was a horror but seemed to have given up the idea of repealing the Loi Veil. Le Pen backed her up. Now he says that if he's President he will hold a referendum on abrogating abortion.

Of course the same candidate is also asking for the return of death penalty in France while the law that bannished it in 1981 is now part of our Constitution ! "Vive la Vie" has obviously its limits...

So I can't help posting extracts from the famous speech of a Republican who asked for the repeal of death penalty in May 1791...


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Apr. 19th, 2007 12:36 pm
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First off, a very happy birthday to [profile] scarlett2u! I may cook a chocolate cake later...I wish I could share it with you.

Also this morning I cooked a chicken curry.

I should be marking but I can't. I'm too stressed to do anything work-wise so I'm going to the hairdresser. I need a haircut anyway !

I leave you with 3 other candidates so you can ponder the poster while I'm getting my hair done.

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Americans have wasps and we have bees! 

Sorry for the bad pun...

After Bayrou's here are the other B's posters as promised.

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That's it, it has arrived. I found the enveloppe in my mail box this afternoon. Inside there were the 12 ballots and the 12 propaganda information letters from our 12 candidates. They are A3 size, folded in two, which gives 4 pages. The first page usually shows the poster of the candidate as it appears on streets.

So I've decided to scan them for you and post here my analysis. I will mostly parse the first page of each letter for I'm sure it's the most important part of their propaganda. 
Since there are 4 days left I will do 3 candidates per day following the alphabetical order. Feel free to play along and give your insight ! I'm sure that everybody could come up with interesting stuff even though you aren't French citizens and perhaps for that very reason.

Let's start with B...

Bayrou )

So who wants to play? I will post the two other posters later and we'll analyze them together. Okay?

I know, I know it's a very teacher thing to do, but I don't have my students at hand these days so bear with me.

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Apr. 17th, 2007 08:00 pm
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Cher Philippe de Villiers,

Si vous entendez vous placer au-dessus de la mêlée et donner des leçons de morale politique à vos concurrents mieux vaudrait éviter, lorsque vous êtes vous-même à la tribune, de vous laisser aller à ces saillies grotesques qui amusent certes la plèbe mais vous ridiculisent. Car enfin dire de Ségolène Royal qu'elle a l'allure de Jeanne d'Arc et le cerveau de Bécassine n'est ni à votre honneur ni à celui d'une France que vous prétendez vouloir servir.

Une citoyenne qui ne votera pas pour vous.


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