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I've seen a poetry meme going on on flist so here's a famous song by Gilles Vigneault:

Quand vous mourrez de nos amours
J'irai planter dans le jardin
Fleur à fleurir de beau matin
Moitié métal, moitié papier
Pour me blesser un peu le pied
Mourez de mort très douce
Qu'une fleur pousse

Quand vous mourrez de nos amours
J'en ferai sur l'air de ce temps
Chanson chanteuse pour sept ans
Vous l'entendrez, vous l'apprendrez
Et vos lèvres m'en seront gré
Mourez de mort très lasse
Que je la fasse

Quand vous mourrez de nos amours
J'en ferai deux livres si beaux
Qu'ils vous serviront de tombeau
Et m'y coucherai à mon tour
Car je mourrai le même jour
Mourez de mort très tendre
À les attendre

Quand vous mourrez de nos amours
J'irai me pendre avec la clef
Au crochet des bonheurs bâclés
Et les chemins par nous conquis
Nul ne saura jamais par qui
Mourez de mort exquise
Que je le dise

Quand vous mourrez de nos amours
Si trop peu vous reste de moi
Ne me demandez pas pourquoi
Dans les mensonges qui suivraient
Nous ne serions ni beaux ni vrais
Mourez de mort très vive
Que je vous suive

And here is Rufus Wainwright's live version, because I haven't posted Rufus vid for a while and it's always great to hear him (mom and aunt did the backing vocals, as it was recorded a couple of years before Kate McGarrigle died)

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Le Grand Echiquier de Jacques Chancel, Georges Brassens, Maxime Le Forestier, Lino Ventura!

Here's the description posted with the vid and the lyrics in French are behind the cut (there are subtitles in English on the video).

A love poem to the beautiful women who got away away written by an obscure poet, Antoine Pol, set to music and performed by the great Georges Brassens at a TV show aired May 31,1979 dedicated to the film actor Lino Ventura. Lino requested this song from Brassens, and he sings it in duet with Maxime LeForestier. Sadly, Antoine Pol died a week before meeting Brassens, which caused him great regret. Many thanks to philipchek of YouTube and of Paris for turning me on to this song, providing a line by line translation, background information and video selection . Without his help, this song might never have reached the anglophone world

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First off, flist, if you don't watch Caprica you should, it's the best thing you can find on tv these days, period. Not many shows are that ambitious and creative. And there are pretty men!

As for "There is another sky", I don't know where to begin for there's so much to review, so I will just say that the episode rocked big time. The title was beautifully chosen, the acting was perfect, every scene was flawless and powerful. We didn't get much Graystone goodness, but when we did, it was superb. All the reservations I had before, I didn't have this time, perhaps because the things that didn't quite work for me (the STO stuff mostly)was left out here. Also I think that Zoe is good for me in small doses only...

My only complaint is about the sequence with the characters introducing themselves before the opening scene, instead of the usual "previously on...". I could live without that.

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ETA2: There's a poetry meme going on that I saw on [ profile] prophecygirrl 's journal:

If you see this, and are of a mind to, post a poem in your LJ.

So here's "There is another sky" by Emily Dickinson:

There is another sky,
Ever serene and fair,
And there is another sunshine,
Though it be darkness there;
Never mind faded forests, Austin,
Never mind silent fields—
Here is a little forest,
Whose leaf is ever green;
Here is a brighter garden,
Where not a frost has been;
In its unfading flowers
I hear the bright bee hum:
Prithee, my brother,
Into my garden come!

ETA 3 about New Cap City game )
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I tried and tried again...

And now it's working! I got to Inara' s training house so far without any mistracking. *keeps fingers crossed*

I'm watching it in English with English subtitles which is fun because they also describ the sounds when there isn't any dialogue !

As Mal is hinting at Coleridge, I'm just posting some detail I noticed for the first time: Mr Universe' s bot was named Lenore which is one of Edgar Allan Poe's poems

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LJ ate my post!

I've been writing a review on the two last episodes of Lost for an hour, and everything is gone! I'm so frustrated and angry right now it's not even funny.

I digressed a lot and was in the middle of interpretating Lost through the Ultraist doctrine, in which the art of metaphor rules, and drawing parallels with Borges' works that are filled with miracles and fantasmagories when my post vanished.

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And another poet, a French one and who didn't sing, wrote : La terre est bleue comme une orange

La terre est bleue comme une orange
Jamais une erreur les mots ne mentent pas
Ils ne vous donnent plus à chanter
Au tour des baisers de s’entendre
Les fous et les amours
Elle sa bouche d’alliance
Tous les secrets tous les sourires
Et quels vêtements d’indulgence
À la croire toute nue.

Les guêpes fleurissent vert
L’aube se passe autour du cou
Un collier de fenêtres
Des ailes couvrent les feuilles
Tu as toutes les joies solaires
Tout le soleil sur la terre
Sur les chemins de ta beauté.

Paul ELUARD, L'Amour la poésie (1929)

I took a pill, had a nap and then I watched Lost episode 5. A very good episode!

I may be even more sick than I thought but the episode called Eluard's poem to my mind and I think the writers might have read it too. So now Lost

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