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I'm officially one year older. Well, almost, since I was born at midday.

But this is just another day. Turning 41 isn't exactly something I want to celebrate. I haven't scheduled anything fancy. I will just have a drink later in the evening, with my pals.

Today, I'm thinking of my birthday buddy, [personal profile] caliente_uk . I know this is not a good birthday for you, sweetie. I couldn't look at the picture that you posted (my issues, not yours), but you are in my thoughts. Time is a killer, making us all older, but it also soothes the pain, eventually.

*sends heart-healing vibes*

Do you know who is my exact birthday twin? Alison Krauss. Same day, same year. Unfortunately, the similarity ends there. I wish I had her musical skills.

PS: Thank you [personal profile] fragrantwoods  for the virtual gift!

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Being a historian, I'm very picky when it comes to historical fictions, either in books or on screen. Usually, when a book is accurate history-wise, it is lacking in terms of literary qualities...and vice-versa. It's difficult to find historical novels that are actually great books so it is not a genre that I read much.

BTW this post was prompted by [personal profile] selenak 's last entry in which she mentioned an article from The Observer about a top ten historial novels.

So I wondered...what would be my top ten?

Here is the answer:

My favourite 10 historical novels )
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Happy birthday to kick_galvanic !!!

Here's a treat under the cut:

EJO in Miami Vice )

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It's happeneing again. I can't leave comments on LJ. It doesn't seem to be the same problem as before though, I can type message and even click on the button but my comment is not sent and I got an error message.

I'm using this post to reply to a comment on a previous entry.

So here's my response to your last comment on Justified, trésor:

For Lij's eyes )

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because it's [personal profile] jamalov29  's birthday !

J'espère que tu as passé un bel anniversaire, chère Caroline, et comme le jour n'est pas encore terminé je te souhaite de vivre encore des heures aussi belles que douces pour célébrer le jour de ta naissance.

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In case you wonder, I still can't hit the comment button on live journals (including my own!), unless it's a customized page, but some LJ users from my flist don't post customized pages (or at least they don't appear customized on my flist page) so I'm doomed to "read but not comment", which doesn't mean I'm ignoring you, people!

For instance, frances_lievens I loved the picture of your daughters and the way Wriggly Bum looked at her big sister! Did you sing for them at Christmas?

Speaking of singing, here's one of my favourite musics ever:

Oh dear...

Dec. 21st, 2011 12:11 pm
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I dislike the new LJ look, a lot.

And the sending comment button doesn't work.

or am I the only one who can't leave comments on LJ?
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It's [personal profile] syderia 's birthday!

Joyeux Anniversaire !!!!

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Nicked from almost everyone on my reading list. I haven't done a meme for ages so here we go, even though those lists are always a problem and I am not very happy with the mixing of Science Fiction and Fantasy, especially since the definition of Fantasy seems to include fables (Animal Farm?).

Bold for books I have read, underlined if I loved them

Read more... )


Apr. 17th, 2011 05:31 pm
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This Sunday has been lazy so far, after a busy Saturday spent partly in the Quartier latin (going to Musée de Cluny with [personal profile] herself_nyc and then having a drink in front of la Sorbonne), partly in Montparnasse (running errands) and eventually  with going out again in the evening in St Germain. I went to bed at 2 am and didn't fall asleep until 3. BTW sorry [personal profile] moscow_watcher for not wishing you a happy birthday!

So I haven't done much today apart from enjoying a long bath, eating vegetables and fruits (and dark chocolate!), reading a little bit, and watching the penultimate episode of The Wire. We're near the end, beautiful friends. I have waited a long time before resuming the watchage but after Lance Reddick's hilarious scene in the latest FRINGE, I wanted to see Cedric Daniels again. Also I read that the actor playing Tommy Carcetti is in Game of Thrones so if I'm willing to give a try to the fantasy series I guess that I should bid my farewell to mister Mayor first.

This episode, "Late Editions" was excellent Read more... )
Only one 90 minute episode left. I'm gonna miss that show  a great deal.

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Three things made me think of masturbation lately...

Yesterday, [ profile] stormwreath  called for a beta reader for a fic and mentioned it was pervy and had female characters masturbating in it; I watched Mad Men episode named “The Chrysanthemum and the Sword”, in which there's a masturbation scene, and read reactions on the A.V club and other online blogs afterwards; and a comment by [ profile] sc_literati  led me to re-read a review I wrote about The White Ribbon.

It seems to me that, although we live in a time that considers masturbation (either adults' masturbation or children's masturbation) perfectly normal and healthy, and  American Pie overused the topic, we're still quite uncomfortable when it comes to masturbation in fiction. It's more taboo than sexual intercourse, more embarrassing for the viewers or the readers.
In other words, we don't mind talking about it, obviously!– in general or even with personal information– but seeing a fictional characters masturbate is another matter.

Is it because it's the ultimate form of voyeurism since there's hardly something more private than self-pleasuring ––with the exception of relieving oneself in the loo which btw isn't a scene we often see on the screen or that is often described in books/fanfics (and when it is, it's considered very weird stuff)? 

Or is it because in the back of our mind still lies the fear of being caught doing so?

Do you remember that scene in Mulholland Drive ? I found it more disturbing than most of Lynch's usual stuff.

I've read many Spuffy fanfictions in which Spike was masturbating, usually either for the viewing pleasure of Buffy and the readers or for the readers only. But those fics were written by women and mostly addressed to women...

I think that, unless you're in pure porn mode ( meaning you aim at sexual satisfaction rather than fantasy) , it's easier to write and read about masturbation when it's the other gender doing it which is funny given that we know better "how it works and feels" when it's our gender.

In Mad Men and The White Ribbon there's another embarrassing factor, for the masturbators are children.

Read more... )

PS: You won't believe me but I left this post unfinished this morning for I had to go to my mother's in the suburb and guess what happened in the train? I swear it's true!
A man sat down next to me, in front of another woman (she was black, young and pretty so it's probably she who was his David McCallum!). I was reading the newspaper but something caught my attention finally, I probably sensed the move of his hand or saw it in my peripheral vision.  He was jerking off under his shirt (that wasn't tucked in his pants). First off I thought I was wrong (it couldn't happen just after this post I had begun on LJ. No way!); I tried not to look and focuse on the political article in the newspaper (the Pope's speech admonesting Sarkozy's policy), but a few minutes later I caught the other woman staring at his crotch while talking on her mobile phone and it was obvious that she thought he was really doing it! She left the train then (perhaps it was her stop anyway), and I got up too, pretending to check on the sign showing the stations. I noticed he had taken the woman's place so if I had returned to my seat he would have been in front of me. So I went and sat elsewhere in the car, far from the wanker.

As soon as I was seated, I saw him passing by and going to the next car!

Either he was seeking new inspiration or he had realised he had been caught and prefered to leave. I think it's the former. Of course there's also the possibility that the whole point, the stuff that really got him off, was to be caught and make women uncomfortable, and there were more cars to try on...

Do you think I am a psychic or something?

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First off, I wanted to wish a very happy birthday to [ profile] flake_sake !

Today I treated myself: hairdesser, shopping (sales time!) and movies. After I had my hair done, I bought two lovely bras, and finally saw El Secreto de Sus Ojos at the cinema. It was my second Argentinian movie this month, after Rompecabezas (Puzzle) and a good one too.

I wouldn't say that El Secreto de Sus Ojos was the best film I saw this year, but it's a well crafted movie, in a classical way, conveying a real "atmosphere" and some poignant stuff. It's worth watching if only for the acting performances (Ricardo Darin especially) and a memorable sequence shot in a football stadium that is yet unlike the rest of the film.

Also, I finished watching the second season of Breaking Bad and I'm about to start the third one. What a fabulous tv show! How could have missed it until now? It's better than any other shows that I watched this year (except for Caprica but I'm very partial about Caprica!). To say the truth I think it has already reached my Tv Pantheon where the best series lie, you know, BtVS, OZ, BSG...
Once I'm caught up I will try to gather my thoughts and write them down in a proper review.

I'm truly hooked, yo!

Dream on

May. 21st, 2010 08:33 pm
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I've just seen the Glee episode that Joss Whedon directed and two things struck me.

Read more... )´╗┐

A quickie

Apr. 14th, 2010 07:55 pm
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To wish the happiest birthday to [ profile] stormwreath  and to say that I have watched Lost, "Everybody Loves Hugo", and completely agree with Noel Murray's review. He wrote my thoughts exactly, better than I could.

The Show-Not-Tell phrase/rule is something many tv writers should ponder...

Also here's an interesting clue from "Happily Ever After".

And you should read the whole recap by Tvgasm because it's priceless!


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