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This is my review of Justified season 4 's finale at last!

Well, sort of. Noel Murray wrote a great review on the TV Club so I'm mostly recommending it.

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RL is keeping me away from LJ. There's work to do, and an old and sick cat to take care of. I mentioned it in comments from an earlier post, Loukoum has a polypus in his nose that showed on the MRI in January but was barely mentioned by the neurologist then, because the priority was the ostitis. The problem is that the polypus has grown (which probably caused the sneezing that was already there before I left to Rome)and has started bleeding when I came back from Rome...the only treatment would be surgery but Loukoum is almost 18, and a new MRI would be needed anyway to see if it's operable,  so I decide to let him be.

It's kinda heartbreaking to see him frantically rub his nose or to hear his noisy breathing and frequent sniffing and sneezing – especially with the blood throwing that ensues –, but he still eats rather well, asks for food in the morning, communicate, we haven't reached that place yet. I don't know how long we have together. I just hope I'll be able to recognise the right moment when it comes, as I don't want to .

And of course, I'm leaving for Rome again in three weeks which doesn't help. So it feels that I'm still in the limo too, emotionally speaking.

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- First off, the A.V/ T.V Club is paying a much deserved tribute to one Jim Beaver: From Deadwood to Justified...

- ...and the above link led le to this study on a piece of the Deadwood language: "Deadwood and To Whom Its Dialogue Is Beholden"

The blogged parsed there a famous line spoken by Jim Beaver as Mr Ellsworth:

“I may have fucked my life up flatter than hammered shit, but I stand here before you today beholden to no human cocksucker.”

It is a must read for any Deadwood fan!

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"Peace of Mind" was again a very good episode with a chilling ending scene...

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Or should I say, that it gives me a tv stiffy?

I love love love Justified!!!

Of course I could watch Timothy Olyphant carry that great body of his and walk around for hours, but, above all, the writing is just so bloody marvellous. I still consider Breaking Bad to be the best tv show, but in the dialogues and characters department no show can compete with Justified.

This season is probably my favourite one so far which is quite remarkable given the lack of Dewey Crowe. Season 2 had the best villain, but this season is simply fantastic.

I had doubts, at first, about Constable Bob but it turned out that he's a great new character; I love Raylan to bits; Tim and Art continue to be awesome; Rachel sounds right at last; Boyd and Ava are great; I feel for Johnny; Colt was an interesting addition to the Crowder clan and his scenes with Tim are priceless; and Ellen May has grown on me so much (to the point that I wanted to slap Ava several times).

Needless to say that I'm completely in love with Jim Beaver's character. By the way I never realised, watching Deadwood, how tall he was.

"Decoy" was a stellar episode in a terrific season. Two to go!

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I finally saw the new Justified eppy and I have one thing to say:

Shelby hasn't achieved the Ellsworth's level of greatness but he rocks nonetheless!

Who's next?

Feb. 6th, 2013 06:17 pm
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It is so delightful to see all those Deadwood actors on Justified !!!

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"Hole In the Wall" was pretty perfect an opener. Great lines, lots of fun to have, Raylan being his cool and yet dickish self, hilarious situations, many parallels in the writing – between Raylan and Boyd of course, as usual, but also between Raylan and Jody, or Raylan and Constable Bob, or Boyd and Snake Preacher–, an evil and creepy Arlo, a mystery (the dead Cocaine Santa Claus from the opening flashbacks and the bag in the wall), promising new side characters (Justified is the tv show that handles side characters the best IMO).

I'm very satisfied. And if you want to read a good review, go to the AV Club and read Noel Murray's. Read more... )

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It's all [personal profile] selenak 's fault because she got me thinking about Breaking Bad and possible crossovers.

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There are reruns of the two first Jesse Stone movies on French cable tonight. "Night Passage" (the prequel that was released after "Stone Cold") is playing now. I shouldn't watch it. I know I'm gonna end in tears if I watch it, because of the dog thing.

How cool it would be to have a Justified/Jesse Stone crossover? Paradise isn't Harlan but it also has an interesting gallery of characters. I can picture Suitcase dealing with the Harlan folks...or Raylan making an impression in Massachussetts.

The funny thing is that, these days, Raylan Givens kills less people per episode than Jesse Stone used to, but he drinks more than Jesse!

Next Jesse Stone, "Benefit of the Doubt",  is in May 20. Hopefully I'll find it online before I leave for Rome.

Fortunately I have my dvds of Breaking Bad's season 3 to ease the pain from Justified withdrawal. I had saved them for that moment. I'm a  very organized addict.

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I'm crushed and Timothy was Olyphantastic!!!!!

More later....

One to go !

Apr. 4th, 2012 02:23 pm
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I can't believe the finale is next week!

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Apr. 3rd, 2012 06:33 pm
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Looks like nobody had something to say on the death and The Wire entry, that or very few from my readership (if I still have one) have seen the series (which is a shame) and some of those who have seen The Wire were too busy with RL to spend time on LJ (I know for a fact some are), and others prefer not leave comment on my journal for various reasons.

Well, it happens.

Over the years I have come to realize that people read but don't necessarily comment – which is okay per se (I don't leave comments on every post I read myself), but weird and a bit rude, in my opinion, when they mention your post on their own journal, or, which is worse, when they don't mention your entry but past and copy your meme including your own answers –, but the fun part of the Internet is the interactions it provides, so it gets really lonely and cold when posts remain sans comment. That's the reason I've always favoured boards over private journals.

So what did happen since that last post?

I have worked a lot, but I also found the time to watch some tv and to go to the hairdresser.

On the tv front:

I liked the last episode of FRINGE much more than the previous one (but I kinda disliked the previous one), Read more... )

I also watched the first two episodes of the second season of Game of Thrones (yes second episode has leaked and is online too), which I found entertaining, probably more than last year but that's it. I'm still unimpressed by the writing, but as I said last year, this isn't an original creation, they have to follow the story in the books first and foremost while building a fantasy world, so I guess it leaves the writers less room for ground-breaking or even clever writing. This isn't obviously what they are after.

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As for my current favourite show, I know that I haven't reviewed Justified last week while there's a new episode tonight! I feel bad. There would be so much to say, as usual.I'll try to write something on both episodes tomorrow.

On the hair front. After 18 months of shoulder-length hair, I'm back to sporting my hair very short. I feel so light!

ETA: Oops I forgot to mention that I also watched Mad Men ! That omission says a lot, doesn't it?

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I love, love, love that show!

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Is there anyone watching Justified who isn't in love (if only a little) with Raylan Givens?

I mean, it's hard to be cooler or prettier. Timothy Olyphant is both handsome and talented, and he was good on Deadwood, but it seems that he was born to play Raylan, and I bet it's the role that everybody will remember...while fanning themselves. :- )

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I came across an article saying that John Hawkes is filming a movie that is the prequel of Jackie Brown. It's based on Elmore Leonard's Switch, and Leonard is one of the producers! A new connection between John Hawkes and Timothy Olyphant.

Now, I'm wishing for Elmore Leonard to talk John into guest-starring in an episode of Justified...

By the way, there's a new Justified episode on FX tonight, hopefully online tomorrow morning – I have Wifi since yesterday, and a new Internet connection, supposedly better than the previous one, so I need to try it!–'s my personal carrot to go through a day of work.

I'm working on my thesis at home today. I have articles to read (which means reading and taking notes) and stuff to write.
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The episode was very serial, didn't show a particular storyline, but moved the pieces ahead on the chess board, yet I enjoyed it.

My take on it is that it could have been titled "The Man with Two Sons", as father/son relationship and siblings rivalry seemed to be a big theme in the episode.

BTW the line of the episode had to be voiced by a minor character: "Two horses is twice horseshit to shovel" !

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I went to the movies after a sleepless night, several hours of work in the library (had to reward myself!)...and finally saw Martha Marcy May Marlene which is indeed a good film – I wish I had the time to write a proper review and elaborate on the ambiguity the film is based on and all the wonderful little details it provides to tell the story of a shattered personality and of an identity meltdown through mirror plays, memory tricks, merging timelines and madness, and create the right atmosphere, but instead here's a link to a spoilerish review from The New Yorker –, and Elizabeth Olsen is terrific...but damn John Hawkes again blew my mind. As usual his performance was powerful but subtle.

There was nothing cartoonish about the pastoralist sect guru he played, and yet he was totally believable in the role, exuding charisma, virility and danger, but also sweetness (John's smile makes me weak on the knees!) and perversion, appearing both charming and terrifying, caring and creepy.

No, it isn't at all the same role as the one he played in Winter's Bone. Teardrop was a threatening presence, a hillbilly lone wolf addicted to meth who inspired fear, but he turned out to be someone a girl could count on. Patrick is quite the opposite, he appears much nicer, but is much more dangerous; he's a sorcerer who puts on a seduction act and pulls the strings of his puppets/admirers, and he is bad news for little girls.
John Hawkes doesn't have a lot of screen time but owns any scene he is in(even the orgy scene...he doesn't partake but the picture that stays with you is Patrick watching from the stairs while his puppets are fucking), and the character haunts the film, just like he haunts the girl who is Martha/Marcy-May/Marlene.

And of course there's the beautiful scene in which John plays the guitar and sings "Marcy's Song" and the actress seems to become the girl in the song. The scene is a bit like the one from Maria's Lovers, when Keith Carradine serenaded Nastassja Kinski with "Maria's eyes".

Martha Marcy May Marlene isn't flawless but for a debut movie it's really really good. I'm glad that one fo my favourite actors chose it.

Also, apparently John Hawkes has turned down a part in The Walking Dead. Good for him! He's very busy with movies (I'm so looking forward to seeing The Surrogate that some say it gave his career's best role *) and The Walking Dead doesn't deserve his talent.

Anyway, if John should come back to television, I demand that it would be on Justified !!!!! They keep hiring Deadwood alumni, so I'm sure they'd love to have him...and having Sol Star and Seth Bullock reunited on screen would simply give me a tv orgasm.

* Just read an interview in which John mentioned that his "Deadwood pals"– Earl Brown, who plays Dan Dority, and Robin Weigert, who was Calamity Jane– got parts in The Surrogate!


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