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Oct. 7th, 2012 08:27 pm
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I'm all caught up with my tv shows I even watched my guilty pleasure, that is Merlin, which is still silly, and quite lazy writing-wise, but it's all about the pretty (btw I'm sure that someone in the writing room came up with the plot after someone else asked how they could have half-naked knights in several scenes...but not Bradley James because he's fed up of being used that way!).

I enjoyed Homeland's premiere but it's beyond my understanding that the show won that many Emmys, especially best drama givent he competition (Breaking Bad of course, but Mad Men was also very good last season). It's good but not that good. Same with Damian Lewis' performance IMO (not Clare Danes, though, she is terrific and deserves all the awards she gets). Oh, well.

Copper continues to please me in the way the characters are written. Read more... )I'm worried about where FRINGE is going to. The second episode disappointed me Read more... ).

And there's Boardwalk Empire that is so underrated. The "Bone for tuna" title was simply perfect. And it's a treat to have so many good actors delivering so well-written lines, and all those little details that are the trademark of the best writings. And there's Margaret's fabulous dresses and Harrow's awesomeness.

To tell the truth, I'm sad for all the people who don't watch the show and have no idea that there's such an iconic and extraordinary tv character named Richard Harrow.


Apr. 3rd, 2012 06:33 pm
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Looks like nobody had something to say on the death and The Wire entry, that or very few from my readership (if I still have one) have seen the series (which is a shame) and some of those who have seen The Wire were too busy with RL to spend time on LJ (I know for a fact some are), and others prefer not leave comment on my journal for various reasons.

Well, it happens.

Over the years I have come to realize that people read but don't necessarily comment – which is okay per se (I don't leave comments on every post I read myself), but weird and a bit rude, in my opinion, when they mention your post on their own journal, or, which is worse, when they don't mention your entry but past and copy your meme including your own answers –, but the fun part of the Internet is the interactions it provides, so it gets really lonely and cold when posts remain sans comment. That's the reason I've always favoured boards over private journals.

So what did happen since that last post?

I have worked a lot, but I also found the time to watch some tv and to go to the hairdresser.

On the tv front:

I liked the last episode of FRINGE much more than the previous one (but I kinda disliked the previous one), Read more... )

I also watched the first two episodes of the second season of Game of Thrones (yes second episode has leaked and is online too), which I found entertaining, probably more than last year but that's it. I'm still unimpressed by the writing, but as I said last year, this isn't an original creation, they have to follow the story in the books first and foremost while building a fantasy world, so I guess it leaves the writers less room for ground-breaking or even clever writing. This isn't obviously what they are after.

Read more... )

As for my current favourite show, I know that I haven't reviewed Justified last week while there's a new episode tonight! I feel bad. There would be so much to say, as usual.I'll try to write something on both episodes tomorrow.

On the hair front. After 18 months of shoulder-length hair, I'm back to sporting my hair very short. I feel so light!

ETA: Oops I forgot to mention that I also watched Mad Men ! That omission says a lot, doesn't it?

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But FRINGE is coming back on Friday and next week, HE will be back (he being Olyphantastic aka Raylan Givens of the Justified fame of course!!!!), in the deep dark hills of eastern Kentucky...

I forgot to mention that I watched the last episode of The Good Wife and it was the best episode of this season. Episodes like this are the reason I like that show! Loved it. And Diane rocks.

Also, concerning my BSG re-watchage, I watched "33" and "Water" last week but didn't find the time to post about it, and I'm afraid that now my poor head is too empty to make a proper review.

Here are some thoughts though...

Read more... )

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Since I work on my thesis during the week days, I have decided to have real week ends. When this break is over, I will resume the busy weekends filled with preparations and marking.

So I'm treating myself with movies-- I saw Clooney's last movie, starring Ryan Gosling (who is in every films these days)--, books and tv shows.

Except that, when the week end comes I'm running out of tv shows!

Of course someday I'll have to watch the third and final season of Deadwood that I own on DVD, but I'm still postponing it, to keep it a bit longer, to save it for when I will have nothing really good left to watch. It's like having a great bottle of wine aging in your cave and wanting to keep it for the perfect day.

The fact that it's the second week sans FRINGE doesn't help, though. Not that FRINGE is in the same league, but it's one of those tv shows I'm hooked to and follow, like a good tv slut, so they make the Breaking Bad withdrawal easier.

BTW, do we know when the third season of Justified is supposed to start? I'm longing for my Raylan and Boyd. :-(

But I've received my DVD box of Caprica, so I spent yesterday evening (after watching the Bolshoi thing on ARTE), and today's grey and rainy afternoon, re-watching the series and listening to the episode commentaries (basically the podcasts they recorded when the series was on). I'm surprised to like some scenes I didn't like much when I saw the series in 2010 (like the dancing robot scene) and I don't think it's only because watching it on my big flat screen is better than on my laptop.

Read more... )

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"Alone in The World" wasn't as good as the previous episode of FRINGE (despite David Fury writing this episode) but I loved the nod at Breaking Bad!

We got an Aaron boy being the surrogate son of a Walter....and the big brainy bad was named "Gus"!!!!


Apr. 17th, 2011 05:31 pm
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This Sunday has been lazy so far, after a busy Saturday spent partly in the Quartier latin (going to Musée de Cluny with [personal profile] herself_nyc and then having a drink in front of la Sorbonne), partly in Montparnasse (running errands) and eventually  with going out again in the evening in St Germain. I went to bed at 2 am and didn't fall asleep until 3. BTW sorry [personal profile] moscow_watcher for not wishing you a happy birthday!

So I haven't done much today apart from enjoying a long bath, eating vegetables and fruits (and dark chocolate!), reading a little bit, and watching the penultimate episode of The Wire. We're near the end, beautiful friends. I have waited a long time before resuming the watchage but after Lance Reddick's hilarious scene in the latest FRINGE, I wanted to see Cedric Daniels again. Also I read that the actor playing Tommy Carcetti is in Game of Thrones so if I'm willing to give a try to the fantasy series I guess that I should bid my farewell to mister Mayor first.

This episode, "Late Editions" was excellent Read more... )
Only one 90 minute episode left. I'm gonna miss that show  a great deal.

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If you don't watch FRINGE, you should!

I was meh about it in season 1 first but it grabbed me eventually, and season 2 was much better to the point I became hooked. Season 3 has been so far so terrific, with fabulous episodes such as "The Plateau" or lately "Marionette" (it has the creepiest yet most heartbreaking TV scene ever!)

The show is on a hiatus and will return on FOX in January, 21...on Friday night, the infamous timeslot of death. And the upcoming episode is titled...."Firefly"!

So, of course, someone made a new credits sequence, Firefly style:

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I'm still enjoying Rubicon, in spite of certain flaws, because it's beautifully shot and some characters have grown on me (like Miles).

Not Will though, which is an issue since he is the hero of the tale. But Rubicon does have the most interesting gay character I have ever seen on tv, Kale Ingram !
He isn't the token gay so many shows feel necessary to have these days, he is a fascinating character who just happens to live with another (younger)man and who had affairs with other men in the past, but he would have been just as intriguing if he were heterosexual because his sex life has nothing to do with what makes him a compelling character–– that said I like the idea of those special operations being homosexually-oriented (it's a men's world!); even his relationship with Will has something that recalls the ancient Greek pederasty. In short, I could watch Rubicon just for Kale Ingram!

Mad Men continues to be awesome. In that other men's world, this episode was titled " The beautiful girls".

*Cut to protect the unspoiled*

Read more... )

The first episode of the new season of House left me a bit nauseous despite the good acting. I miss what the show used to be in its three first seasons...

And Fringe is back !
*Spoilers below the cut*

Read more... )

ETA: I forgot to mention Terriers that is a lot of fun to watch. It has likeable characters and killing lines.


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