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So I rewatched Dollhouse's finale, hoping that I would find it  redeeming qualities and that I'd like it better this time...

Epitaph Two: The Return )
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Have you seen the new trailer for Caprica?

There's also an interesting interview with Eric Stoltz.

I'm getting excited! I look forward to seeing the series. I hope we'll have many Daniel/Joseph scenes.

Also I'm getting worried about Dollhouse finale. I know it's silly...I blame Joss for making me care.

ETA: And here is another interesting interview, this time with composer Bear McReary, about his work on Crapica. I love what he said about the themes he composed for Daniel and Joseph, and how there's even forshadowing stuff concerning the characters in the Caprica's score !!!!


Jan. 17th, 2010 05:05 pm
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The last episode of Dollhouse , "The Hollow Men", was probably one of the weakest we have seen in two seasons. It had good ideas(Joss' I assume) but it was rushed, poorly written, poorly executed; it looked cheap, the editing was bad and the acting was uneven, off even...

I'm sure I'm in the minority here but:

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Frak !!!

Jan. 9th, 2010 06:23 pm
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Someone has watched too much Battlestar Galactica ! Tim Minear and Joss gave us a twist-fest yesterday with the 11th episode of Dollhouse.

My reaction to Getting Closer...spoilers behind the cut )

ETA: I forgot to post the link explaining the origins of the name Rossum. In the episode Clyde mentioned that it came from a play and here it is. It's probably old news for many viewers but I hadn't googled the Rossum name until today!
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So, as you may have guessed from my previous entry,I really enjoyed both "Public Eye" and "The Left Hand". It was Dollhouse at its finest, just like "La Belle Chose" and "Belonging", pure Whedonesque tv even though Joss didn't write the episodes himself.

Spoilerish thoughts behind the cut )

Now I'm off for I'm going to the cinema to see The Road.
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I don't care about the ratings, Dollhouse currently offers the best minutes of television you can find, period. Season 2 rocks! It's smart, it's daring, it's layered, it's twisty, it's winky and it's funny. More than ever it has become a hall of mirrors and a cavern filled with echoes.

But looks like, as we say over here, that "c'est donner de la confiture aux cochons".

Also Enver Gjokaj is the shining star of the show, and one of the best actors around. I can't wait to see him in that film starring Edward Norton and De Niro!

Mr Whedon does have some nose when it comes to actors but I really wonder whether Joss realised how fabulous guys like Chiwetel Ejiofor and Enver Gjokaj were when he hired them...

PS: I will try to gather my thoughts and post an elaborate review of "Public Eye" and the "Left Hand" later.
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Being fond of tv series, I've been following several shows that are enjoyable and entertaining but I miss the excitement of following a tv show that makes you really care about the characters and think and speculate like crazy. I miss Lost, I miss the BSG'verse, I miss the Life On Mars/Ashes to ashes ' verse, and above all I miss Buffy. So it's nice to have Dollhouse back, even if it is for a short time before the finale in January, and I can't wait to see the new episodes.

Also I came across these interesting pictures from SyFy Caprica website ) My first reaction was about Eric's hair that looks blondish rather than red on the picture; my second reaction was about his glasses (I love Daniel Graystone's glasses!) and finally I realised what Daniel was probably doing on the second pic...
Speculation )
On the one hand I want to be in January so I can watch Caprica, on the other hand I don't want to say goodbye to Dollhouse. No matter the flaws that Dollhouse may have still, a tv-land sans Whedon is a less clever place to be.
And I can't think of any other tv actor that is as impressive as Enver Gjokaj these days. Watching him perform on screen in Dollhouse is like watching a Russian ballet dancer doing things that defy the laws of physics as if they were the most natural things in the world.
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Watching yesterday's episode of Dollhouse, "Belonging", I kept thinking:

- the actors are great but Enver is fabulous. How cute Victor is!!!!
- where's Tahmoh? Do handlers get a day off when their dolls don't have any engagement?
- if Joss Whedon is not God, he is really an unconscious Catholic! Well, sort of.

Because now we know that, no matter how paradise-like the place may look and how painful the engagement may turn, the dollhouse is neither Heaven nor Hell, it's just a Purgatory. Yes, after the palimpsest on Chaucer's tales, now the show plays on Dante's territory. Once and again, it's all about the journey.

Belonging )

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First off, may I have a marking doll, please?

I should be marking instead of posting about Dollhouse but I have to write down some thoughts before I forget them. I usually use my Paul Ballard icon for such posts but my Medieval Demons icon seems to fit in today, since Tim Minear's script could be read as a palimpsest from The Canterbury Tales.

La Belle Chose )
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I will write about "La Belle Chose" later but I saw it and I needed to squee right now!

Victor-Chaucer-Paul is the best trio in my book. I've been saying for a year that Enver Gjokaj is an acting wonder and he was again fantastic! That man is a gem. What an amazing versatile actor! Tahmoh was also VERY good in the episode (he got the chance to show his skills at last), and extremely handsome. And tall!

Enver and Tahmoh are a great team, they both owned the episode.

After that one, I'm still torn between being a Paul/Adelle 'shipper or a Paul/Victor supporter. Perhaps Paul/Victor/Adelle is actually the right combination(and Adelle can watch, just like in my favourite scene from "La Belle Chose"!).

Joss, what you do to me!
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I've just watched "Instinct", an episode I was ready not to like, given that it was Echo-centric, but actually I enjoyed it.

Looks like that after all those years of letting us pondering the soul issue, Joss has finally given an answer: the soul lies in the milk !!!!

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Season 2 of Dollhouse has begun at last! "Vows" didn't blow me away but, as premieres go, it was a rather good episode. Much food for thoughts.

Vows )
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What am I going to watch now that Dollhouse and Lost are over? There's still Ashes to ashes but brit series are very short and we're nearing towards the end...

My thoughts on Dollhouse's Omega )
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With Joss, there's always the obvious, the less obvious and the least obvious. Dollhouse deserves a second season!

Dollhouse episode 1x11 )

Tv stuff

Apr. 30th, 2009 05:28 pm
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I'm going to watch Lost but first, I need to write down a few thoughts...Spoilers under the lj-cuts of course!

About Dollhouse episode 10 )

A quickie on Heroes finale )

Last but not least, I finally saw the second episode of Ashes to ashes.

Shall we always trust the Gene Genie? )
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I found, via [ profile] syndicated ,  this interview of the actor playing Victor on Dollhouse.

I guess that the show has grown on me for I missed it last week and I look forward to watching the new episode.

There was no Lost this week and I've been feeling tv show deprived even though I watched of course the first episode of the second season of Ashes to ashes.

Spoilerish thoughts )
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for Dollhouse and Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles for it's likely that these tv shows won't get another season. Joss himself is quite pessimistic about a possible season 2 for Dollhouse and TSCC's final episode looked like a series finale.

It saddens me for I've come to like TSCC despite some stuff that bothers me, and the last two episodes of Dollhouse were good, not perfect but clever the way Joss can make a tv show clever, you know. *sigh*

The Spy in the House of Love )
Born to run )


Still here

Apr. 5th, 2009 09:15 pm
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I haven't posted for a while but no I haven't vanished, I just took a  step away for RL was busy and I wasn't in the mood for LJ. Yeah it's that feeling of being disconnected again. But [personal profile] sister_luck  managed to lure me back online. ;- )

I watched my tv shows though.

Lost )

I have also seen the two last episodes of Dollhouse and the Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles ones.

Dollhouse )T: SCC )
Now I'm going to bed...

Tv fest

Mar. 21st, 2009 05:50 pm
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I shall write a review of BSG finale later or tomorrow (I may need to watch it a second time and it's a 2 hour thing) but for now let's talk about Terminator: The Sarah Connor's Chronicles and Dollhouse.

TtSCC did manage to surprise me )

And now let's speculate about Joss' new baby.

Dollhouse didn't surprise me at all but I enjoyed it nonetheless )


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