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With only four episodes left, I'm almost done with my BSG revival.

What I love the most about the show is that it loved its characters and respected them. They all had a great exit, shocking for some of them, but great nonetheless.

Of course we were supposed to side with the lead characters (or at least one of them ) and root for them, but there were no real "villains" per se, no caricatures. At some point you could always understand the characters, even when they made mistakes or did "bad things"; we could see where they came from. Even for D'Anna, Admiral Cain, Boomer, Tom Zarek or Cavil.

Season 4 has been bashed by many viewers but watching it again in a row, I think it's actually excellent*. The mid-season finale, "Sometimes AGreat Notion" is still powerful, and the following episode, "A Disquiet Follows My Soul" was perfect in its gloomy way. Not many tv shows dared to explore human despair the way BSG did then.

*and Jamie Bamber sported the best hairstyle Lee ever had on the show!

Also, speaking of rewatch, Sherlock was on the French cable yesterday evening – and I could watch it in its orginal language! – and seeing "A Study In Pink" was again a real pleasure. The way the two characters "clicked" was perfect.

And tonight the three last episodes of Justified S1 are on...

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I don't know whether it's me being me, or me being French, but as I wander on this American-oriented web world, sometimes the cultural gap feels so huge and I feel so...on the outside.

It's quite baffling, for instance, that birth control can still be an issue and cause debates in USA but it's possible to buy sperm on American websites or pick features for your future baby in certain clinics -- something that calls eugneics to the mind -- while, over here, birth control has been settled for a while -- and nobody would even thought of bringing it on -- but we have bioethical laws that forbid many things or try to restrict what we can do with biological stuff (sperm donation has to be free, donor must be anonymous, etc.) and the potential debates precisely focus on that moral ground versus the economic side.

And there's all the religious talk (I don't mean preachy posts but general notes on personal faith, use of God word, or church going comments) that I can't avoid, and that I find sometimes so...overwhelming. What sounds, probably, so commonplace and normal for many people, looks weird to these French eyes.

I don't think it's because I'm an atheist, myself, it's just cultural. I'm sure there are several people around who aren't as godless as I am (I know for a fact that a few of my friends do believe in a higher being, and I'm even the godmother of one of my friends's daughter and I know that my friend send her kids to catechism), but we live, here , in a secular society, in which faith -- or religious practice -- is something very private, completely pushed into the inner world, so intimate that it has completely deserted public speeches or conversations, even between friends, and all the more with "strangers". It wouldn't occur to anyone I know in RL to express religious feelings or casual talk about going to church, unless it's an ad hoc conversation. I might shock some people if I said that it would be like sharing favourite sexual positions or telling about going to partner-swinging clubs, but the analogy would work because it's THAT private.

So sometimes, surfing the Internet is very exotic and feels a bit like watching an American tv show!

Most of the time, it feels like I'm...different.

But, of course the world is more interesting if it's filled with people who are not like me.

Speaking of American tv shows, I'm still rewatching BSG (but have been too lazy to write posts!)and enjoying it a lot. I was so right to be crazy in love with that show when it was on. The finales of s1 and s2 were terrific, the beginning of s3 was awesome. I adore Saul Tigh more than ever (he started breaking my heart at the beginning of season 2 and I have loved the old bastard since then); I have warmed up to Lee, whom I used to find dull and lacking in character until the end of season 3; I keep flipping sides between Roslin and Adama; I cried  a lot at the end of 'The Passage", and Helo is my hero (re-watched " A measure of Salvation" and "Rapture" yesterday, and "The Woman King" today). So good, so beautiful, so tall.

The show was so good at dealing with moral issues and at trying to define what being human meant and what it takes to remain "civilized" (something that The Walking Dead with its poor writing and idiotic characters fails to do). It was so good that it allowed the viewers to overlook some flaws, or plot holes, here and there.

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But FRINGE is coming back on Friday and next week, HE will be back (he being Olyphantastic aka Raylan Givens of the Justified fame of course!!!!), in the deep dark hills of eastern Kentucky...

I forgot to mention that I watched the last episode of The Good Wife and it was the best episode of this season. Episodes like this are the reason I like that show! Loved it. And Diane rocks.

Also, concerning my BSG re-watchage, I watched "33" and "Water" last week but didn't find the time to post about it, and I'm afraid that now my poor head is too empty to make a proper review.

Here are some thoughts though...

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A few remarks concerning BSG miniseries that I have re-watched. I hope [personal profile] fragrantwoods  will share her take on it.

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[personal profile] fragrantwoods  convinced me to rewatch BSG with her, so here we are.

I checked my archives (or at least the BSG tagged archive) and found out that I first discovered BSG 6 years ago. I posted about the miniseries in December 31 2005! Unbelievable!

It's going to be interesting to see how my reading (and my writing!) has evolved...

So tonight, it's the miniseries all over again.

Feel free to join the fun!


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