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First off, a very happy birthday to [personal profile] gillo !

Also, it's getting cold, although we're still above 0° C in Paris and haven't had snow yet. I'm better than last week. Antibiocs seem to have worked, triggering something that looks a little bit like an exorcism actually, as I've had a running nose since Sunday. The devil sickness is leaving my body.

Work is hectic and when I have a couple of spare hours I try to catch up on my thesis so my Internet life suffers.

I still managed to squeeze some streaming time, here and there in Marking Hell, to watch my tv shows:

TWD mid season's finale was okay (flawed yet "entertaining" enough to turn a blind eye on the plot holes) but really frustrating when it comes to a certain character who reminds me of The First Slayer!

Dexter is awful again, writing wise, with no redeeming qualities anymore...Read more... )

I think that The Good Wife has jumped the shark and Homeland is very close to do so. *sigh*

But Boardwalk Empire remains. The show provided a satisfying season's finale, both for the mind and the heart. Nothing really surprising but everything really well done. By the way, there's an excellent review by Noel Murray on the AV Club.

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I now have read the chapters about OZ, The Wire and Deadwood in Sepinwall's book (I skipped the one about The Sopranos which I have never watched!).

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It's been a hectic week again. And I'm under the weather. I couldn't call in sick (too much wok to do, and two meetings with parents) but I went to the doctor on Wednesday evening and I've been on antibiotics since then. This afternoon I had a 2 hour nap. Body needed it. I ran errands afterwards and now I'm relaxing in front of Deadwood S1. *pets the dvd box*

A few thoughts which I don't think I mentioned in previous posts:

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I wish I had more time to watch my shows, read my books and interact with my Internet friends. Unfortunately I am in the grip of RL. And I haven't started shopping for Christmas yet! I am not much of an internet shopper, except for books. By the way many thanks to [personal profile] herself_nyc  for the heads-up about Richard Powers' new story, ebook-style, which I found on Amazon and bought right away. I even passed the info to Tom McRae on twitter, because I know that he is a fan too, and he told me that this will make the kindle he owns worth using at last. It was like having a New York/Paris/London threesome! I love having my literary network all over the world.

The internet contains horrible places and allows ugly behaviours but it is so wonderful. The things and the people you can access, it makes life easier and brighter. 
I often marvel at the fact that I can find many useful papers online when it comes to my thesis research and that I can follow my shows almost at the same time as my fellow American viewers when it comes to my entertainment.

Boardwalk Empire
's penultimate episode was terrific and I can't wait for the finale! It isn't Deadwood, and many things are predictable story-wise, but it's so well-crafted and the characters are so wonderfully played. Best show currently on in my opinion.

Steve Buscemi nailed it in "Two imposters" and it was a very exciting episode. Every scene was a little gem, one after another.

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Also, I now own Alan Sepinwall's book on kindle so you can already picture me tonight reading it under the duvet while the cats are purring against me.

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I was supposed to run errands this afternoon, but it was raining and I was feeling tired. So I decided to have a nap...and finally opened my eyes two hours later.

Before the nap I got to watch Boardwalk Empire, the series that makes you forget all about De Niro's character in The Untouchables, and makes you love Al Capone !

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Back again

Oct. 7th, 2012 08:27 pm
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I'm all caught up with my tv shows I even watched my guilty pleasure, that is Merlin, which is still silly, and quite lazy writing-wise, but it's all about the pretty (btw I'm sure that someone in the writing room came up with the plot after someone else asked how they could have half-naked knights in several scenes...but not Bradley James because he's fed up of being used that way!).

I enjoyed Homeland's premiere but it's beyond my understanding that the show won that many Emmys, especially best drama givent he competition (Breaking Bad of course, but Mad Men was also very good last season). It's good but not that good. Same with Damian Lewis' performance IMO (not Clare Danes, though, she is terrific and deserves all the awards she gets). Oh, well.

Copper continues to please me in the way the characters are written. Read more... )I'm worried about where FRINGE is going to. The second episode disappointed me Read more... ).

And there's Boardwalk Empire that is so underrated. The "Bone for tuna" title was simply perfect. And it's a treat to have so many good actors delivering so well-written lines, and all those little details that are the trademark of the best writings. And there's Margaret's fabulous dresses and Harrow's awesomeness.

To tell the truth, I'm sad for all the people who don't watch the show and have no idea that there's such an iconic and extraordinary tv character named Richard Harrow.
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I'm glad Boardwalk Empire is back!

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I also watched the latest episode of Copper. The show is still far from being perfect but I enjoy watching it in the way I enjoy watching tv shows that are flawed and yet kind of refreshing, interesting in what they tell, and entertaining.

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I really liked the final of Boardwalk Empire's second season. There were terrific moments that made up for the few things that still don't work in the show.

I loved 5 wonderful scenes that were all key conversations:

spoilers for the finale )

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I'm out of Marking Hell... at least for a week!

On the downside, I have three term meetings (big moment for my three forms)on Thursday which means I won't make it to home until 8.30 pm at best.

On the tv front, The Good Wife was a bit disappointing this week.

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Concerning Boardwalk Empire, I'm all caught up! I just need to watch last night's episode now. Totally unspoiled!

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Telly news

Nov. 29th, 2011 11:56 am
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JUSTIFIED retruns in January 17 !!!!

Until then, I have a few episodes of Boardwalk Empire left to watch. I have finished season 1 and already up to episode 4 in season 2. I really like the show.
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On the other hand, Hell on Wheels is really becoming a bore (it was cartoonish and lacked depth but at least it was entertaining!). I kept yawning while watching the last episode and looking at the clock! I'm losing interest. The villain has been the highlight of the show until now but even Durant was boring in "Jamais je ne t'oublierai" and don't get me started about the other characters, or Super Pretty Cowboy. This is not Deadwood. Actually it's quite campy and cheesy. Not sure I will stick to it.

The Walking Dead is still poorly written but there's Daryl (you may have noticed that I like Daryl...) and the final scene of the latest episode (mid-season final I guess) was well excuted Read more... )

No library today for I'm in Marking Hell.

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Can you tell I don't feel like working this weekend?

I forgot to mention that I have begun to watch Boardwalk Empire. I'm late to the party as usual. For some reason I didn't want to watch it when the show premiered last year. Too much fuss about it at the time.

Well, I'm really enjoying it. It isn't a great tv show (lots of "borrowed" stufff from other works, lack of subtlety and dialogues that can be extremely uneven), there's nothing ground breaking there, but it is still quality television.

In a  way, the show is exactly what you'd expect it to be (and it kinda reminds me of Mad Men); so far there's a lack of surprise and originality and, even though I think it's interesting to have a "damaged" WW1 veteran on the show, I have a problem with Michael Pitt's character (and the actor himself is just too baby faced, I find Buscemi more attractive actually!), BUT on the plus side I really dig Steve Buscemi as Nucky Thomson (your typical anti-hero and yet Buscemi's acting provides little moments of grace), and the Margaret Schroeder's storyline is quite compelling (Kelly McDonald has always been good in every thing I saw her anyway); Omar from The Wire and Sean Murphy from OZ(here playing James Neary, and man, he really put a lot fo weight on since the OZ days) are in it which makes me happy.

Of course every time I hear the name Shroeder I think of Hank and Marie from Breaking Bad! And I'm pretty sure that Boardwalk Empire also pays little tributes to Deadwood here and there (there are Bullock's vibes coming from the creepy FBI agent, the way Eli called Margaret "the widow Schroeder" called the "widow Garret" to my mind and, by the way, wasn't Molly Parker the woman on the portrait featuring Nucky's dead wife?).

Above all, I like the atmosphere of the boardwalk (the premiees incubators and all the weird shops or "freak shows"), I like the brother Thomsons dynamics and the last episode I watched, "Nights in Ballygran" (episode 5 of season 1) really won me over.

So I am not in love with the show or super impressed, it isn't gripping me but I definitely want to see more.

So is there anyone from my flist watching it too?


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