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So I've seen the finale of Ashes to ashes, and I'm still teary. Fabulous performances from all the cast, especially from Philip Glenister who will forever be the Gene Genie, and from Dean Andrews as Ray Carling (the tape scene was wow!).

The mystery is solved, no ambiguity here.

It was a great episode, really, and a perfect finale for Ashes to ashes, yet I can't help thinking that it screwed up Life On Mars but that was to be expected from the day the spin-off began and made it clear it was about Gene. I wrote it down 2 years ago and it happened; So I'm torn, because I loved it but I loved the concept and metaphors of Life On Mars more.

For fun here are links to my first entries about the show, two years ago:

The premiere; the crazy theory; theory about Alex' mistaking her situation for Sam's,  

Don't read what I put under the lj-cut if you haven't seen the episode and don't want to be spoiled!

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Ashes to ashes  is driving me crazy. I'm soooo gonna miss it when it's over. And there's only 3 episodes to go!!!!

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Who would have thought, 4 years ago when I started watching Life on Mars, that Ray Carling would become my favourite character from the Gene Hunt's team? Dean Andrews has been great in Ashes to ashes, and was wonderful in the latest Ray-centric episode.  The character's progress since Life On Mars is really amazing.

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ETA: The unforgettable rendition of "Uptown Girl" from the previous episode is on youtube!

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Reading my flist or trying to post an entry has been difficult for a couple of days. Anyway I had a busy weekend so not much time to spend online.

So as I seem to be allowed to post at last, here's some reviews on Lost, Ashes to Ashes and Doctor Who.

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Tv stuff

Apr. 30th, 2009 05:28 pm
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I'm going to watch Lost but first, I need to write down a few thoughts...Spoilers under the lj-cuts of course!

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Last but not least, I finally saw the second episode of Ashes to ashes.

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I found, via [ profile] syndicated ,  this interview of the actor playing Victor on Dollhouse.

I guess that the show has grown on me for I missed it last week and I look forward to watching the new episode.

There was no Lost this week and I've been feeling tv show deprived even though I watched of course the first episode of the second season of Ashes to ashes.

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Yesterday I saw There Will Be Blood...I wasn't really blown away despite some interesting stuff and intense scenes (at the beginning of the film mostly). Probably too Bible-oriented for my taste.

*spoilers under the cut*

What can I say? I'm more Greek-oriented. By the way speaking of Daniel and D men...I watched Lost again.


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