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I don't believe in afterlife, but at least Bastet's and Loukoum's bodies lay together in my sister's garden.

Bastet (Summer 1993 - 01/23/2013)

She was so beautiful my sweet Bastet. She was my companion, my friend. I so miss her morning and evening rituals when she came, miaowing, to purr on the pillow and gave me gentle pushes with her nose, tickling my cheeks with her long whiskers. I miss her scent, her blue eyes, her depth, her empathy. She totally lived up to her name and was a true goddess protecting the household.

She could feel it when I was sad, and often put a paw on my shoulder or on my face then. I know she would have consoled me for my grief over Loukoum's death.

Whe I got Loukoum, in July 1995, Bastet was already two and had been living with me for about 18 months. He was 2 months and at first she was horrified to see that tiny miaowing thing that smelled piss. She growled and spat when he went close to her, but he won her over in three days. He was just that irresistible. They never lived apart since then and mostly spent all their days snuggling up or grooming each other. Loukoum smelled good and was very comfy.

But Bastet also loved to sleep in my grandmother's old yellow eiderdown (she was very sensitive to cold in the last three years and it was very warm for it was made of silk and down). She spent her days either on or in it (I folded it so she could go in and be even warmer). She died on it and we laid her in it afterwards so she was buried inside (my sister had to dig a huge hole because of the layers of the eiderdown).

 Loukoum (05/06/1995 -04/10/2013)

This picture was taken years ago. That's how I want to remember him, when he had that expressive face. He was the nicest cat ever, the very definition of innocent. He wouldn't even have harmed a fly (not all cats are born hunters). He loved to have people around him, he loved children, he loved other animals. He loved to be petted and kissed, and he was so kind and so pretty that everybody wanted to hug and kiss him.

Loukoum loved to sleep cuddled up with Bastet first and foremost. She was the "constant" in his life, his anchor.

But he also had his own spots to sleep on (my old travelling bag that was under the bed, the pouffe in the sitting room...), and he liked to sleep on the bed against the pillows. Lately he couldn't relax like that, but still laid at night on the bed, beside me.

The vet had put his body in a plastic bag, but when we were done digging a hole deep enough, I I took him out and put him in a kid's pillowcase my sister gave me before burying him besides Bastet.

I don't belive in any afterlife, but I did I would expect Bastet to take care of my baby Loukoum in Cat Heaven.

Anyway, they shared almost 18 years in life, so it seems right that they remain together forever.



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