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"Peace of Mind" was again a very good episode with a chilling ending scene...

The episode had lots of great lines and funny moments, like Augustine telling Boyd : "I’m gonna need Google Translate on my phone if I’m gonna keep talkin’ to you” or like Art explaining to Raylan the difference between suspension and vacation!

On Justified, every word matters so when we heard Augustine asked Boyd about the name of that Marshall in the hat, we should have guessed that it would lead to something really bad for our hero (of course I'm sure that Augustine didn't need Boyd to provide the info, he would have found Raylan's name anyway)

I can't believe that they are going to kill off Winona though. That would be too much for Raylan.

I mean they can't end the season breaking him even more than last year. Besides everybody now expects that something is going to happen to Winona (btw how could a pregnant woman wear those shoes?!!!): Raylan didn't sign the papers, and Augstine's henchman was there...

It has to be a red herring!

(on a side note, it's a good thing she's expecting a girl so Raylan won't have to worry about reproducing the shitty father/son relationship he had with Arlo)

I bet that Ava is the one who is going to die, not Winona. Limehouse's speech and Ellen May's were probably foreshadowing stuff.

So I'm calling it, Ava will die, and perhaps Johnny too. And Picker for sure.

Ava dying would put Boyd on "the right path" , which mean on an even darker path, to become the main threat next season so we'd finally get the Raylan vs Boyd arc that has been postponed so far. In "Decoy" Raylan asked Boyd for his promise, so the showdown has to happen soon or later.

This season has showed Boyd have high expectations and hopes for happiness so if he does fails in regards to both plans, the professional and the personal one, he's going to be Raylan's big foe in season 5.

I'm pretty sure that most viewers would like to see Winona die (she was the most hated character on the show after all), while everybody loves Ava, but Ava being killed off makes a lot more sense in terms of storytelling.

I guess that both Boyd and Raylan will be responsible for her death in one way or another...

Raylan is super competent and he definitely knows what he is good at (I loved the way he grabbed the gun while Jimmy  turned his head towards Rachel) but he is indeed a dick ( I also loved his subsequent "It'd be weird if you liked me"), and his arrogant stubborness is putting his ex-wife and future daughter in danger.

However it was nice that he told Ellen May that Shelby was still looking out for her and even nicer that he let Shelby and Ellen May have their moment. Lovely scene. He didn't look at them while they were hugging, but it was as much about them as about who he is. I love my Marshall in the Hat.

He is one of a kind.

But will he get that damn haircut eventually?

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