Jun. 16th, 2013

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Yesterday evening was a Bowie evening. I watched The Man Who Fell To Earth on French cable, and the documentary that followed, that was mostly a film on the last show of the Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars tour.

I wish I have seen him on stage in the 70's, but I was a little bit too young back then. Last time I saw David Bowie perform live it was in Bercy stadium, in 2003, for the Reality tour and it was great. It was one of his last gigs before he had heart problems and surgery. I do hope he will tour for the release of the new album.

So far no dates, even though his wife kinda leaked infos about a possible world tour, including France...

His twitter account lately mentioned this article from Open Culture in which there's a recording of David and Freddie Mercury doing an a capella vocal gymnastic for "Under Pressure". It's worth listening!

The article quotes extracts from Mark Blake’s book Is This the Real Life?: The Untold Story of Freddie Mercury and Queen. Apparently, according to Brian May, Bowie "insisted that he and Mercury shouldn’t hear what the other had sung, swapping verses blind, which helped give the song its cut-and-paste feel."

David obviously imposed his views and ruled everyone (the ego clash with Freddie must have been something!). He didn't have Mercury's amazing voice but was still a good vocalist, and, above all, a true artist.

“‘Under Pressure’ is a significant song for us,” May said in 2008, “and that is because of David and its lyrical content. I would have found that hard to admit in the old days, but I can admit it now…."


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