Feb. 27th, 2013

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I had to take Loukoum back to the vet yesterday in the afternoon, for he was sneezing and refused to eat (and seemed to have trouble eating his chicken bits). It's likely that the ostitis (and the weakness that ensued) awakened a dormant coryza. Besides cortisone is known for turning the immune defense system down.

Since he's already on antibiotics there's little to do, apart from fumigations (he hates that of course) and giving him a super nourishing gel. He has to eat...and I'm leaving on Saturday.

Of course, as soon as we were back from the vet, he went to eat chicken bits in his plate and later even ate some can food mixed with vegetables from a jar of baby food (don't laugh, he adores that stuff, and I'm ready to give him anything he wants). But this morning he turned his nose up at the food again. That cat is going to drive me crazy.

Fortunately I don't have to lecture this morning (my students have an oral exam) so I can take care of him. I'm also supposed to mark papers,  prepare my Roman trip and pack (at least in my head, I'll do it for real tomorrow). *sigh*
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Larmes d' Albâtre (Albaster Tears) is an exhibition that just started at Le Musée de Cluny, on the occasion of the return of Les Pleurants (The Mourners) in France after a long world tour. They aren't home yet but Paris is their last stop, after Bruges, and before going back to Dijon.

The world tour was successful and if you haven't seen them in The U.S or in Europe, you can find a report from The New Yord Times here about the exhibition that happened at The Met, and the conference that followed that exhibition is on youtube.

Also here is another video that will allow you to see them pretty well (with explanations in English):

And this one (from the exhibition in Belgium) only shows them with religious chant:


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