Jan. 30th, 2013

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Many thanks to those who left comments on my previous entry. Your support was really appreciated. I was too tired to respond to you, one by one, last week, and it's a bit painful to go back to that post again now, but know that I was touched by your words.

I dropped 3 kgs in 5 days last week and was so behind sleep that going through almost 4 hours of meeting with parents on Thursday evening and then resuming my usual teaching schedule was not easy. I know that my lectures sucked on Friday (and probably on Monday too) but it happens. When you are weak or down, this job can be one of the toughest to do.

I'm feeling more like myself now. The cocktail of antibiotics I give Loukoum seems to work so he looks more like his usual self too. Hopefully he is on the mend...

I can't believe it has been already one week since Bastet died. She has started visiting my dreams for a few nights. That is the place she inhabits now, among all my other dead, of the human or the feline variety.

I wonder if Loukoum dreams of her too.
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yesterday, French deputies have started debating on "Le Mariage Pour Tous", a bill allowing homosexual couples to marry and to adopt children together.

Personally, although I was a supporter of the PACS and I have always thought that it was ridiculous to ban gay couple from adopting kids – I don't believe for a minute that mother+father is the key formula to properly raise children or that parenting has anything to do with sexual preferences–, I have never been in favour of "gay marriage" per se, because I considered it to be super hetero-conformist or even just conformist. I made my point about that years ago.

But all the anti-gay marriage cliques, that have been so loud for a few months, and their retrograd rethoric and silly "fantasies", made me change my mind, or rather made me want to support "le mariage pour tous". Now I want this bill to pass!

Besides, yesterday Christine Taubira, Minister of Justice, made a historical speech (in every sense of the term) recalling the evolution of marriage in France for centuries, what civil marriage means for the Republic and the process of secularization that has been at work since 1791 :

Retrouvez l'intégralité de l'intervention de... par LCP

Of course the right wing didn't like it, hence the voices you can hear in the background. Meanwhile a fundamenalist Catholic group called Civitas (crazy homophobic people who still say that homosexuality is an abnormality) was praying outside of L'Assemblée Nationale...

That bill will be a step in the right direction, but there's still progresses to make, concerning family and rights equality, since non-married couple cannot adopt children (while single people can), and non married persons (either homosexual or not) cannot benefit from medically assisted procreation. Which is highly ironical when you think that one marriage in 2 ends with a divorce.

Someday maybe this society won't revolve around the model of two married human beings or even around the couple norm.


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