Jan. 21st, 2013


Jan. 21st, 2013 05:23 pm
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It has been quite a day for both of us. The night was quiet but I could tell, from Loukoum's position that he didn't really rest. Me? I only slept one hour!

My vet's office doesn't open until 2 pm aon Mondays but I didn't want to wait because Loukoum wasn't eating and was still moaning in the morning (even though his temparature was lower) so I went to see the vet around the corner. She drew blood and checked the standard chemistry to run out any uremia crisis or liver issue, observed the cat, noticed how his eyes were constantly moving and recommended to go to a certain veterinary hospital in the suburb and see a neurologist over there. She made the appointment for me. 30 minutes later we were riding a taxi and reached the hospital at noon.

So Mr Loukoum got an MRI and therefore had to be anaesthetized in spite of his 17 years and 8 months. The MRI showed nothing wrong in his brain but confirmed that he has a deep otitis (the tympanic cavity is filled with fluid) in both ear. The neurologist gave me a six week treatment of antibiotics and also corticoids but not as much as he would have prescribed to a younger cat, since corticoids are bad news for failing heart and kidneys.

Let's hope the treatment will work and won't screw his organs. We all ruled out surgery given Loukoum's age and heart problems so...

The neurologist told me that Loukoum must show improvements within 2 days max, in other words he must eat by himself.

When we finally got back from the hospital at almost 4 pm– after some twists, for they first handed me back my cat bag with a cat inside that actually wasn't my cat! –, he went to drink and accepted to eat some Hills food that is meant for senior cats (it isn't the special diet for kidney support but Loukoum is allowed to eat anything he wants as long as he eats). The texture is more mousse-like than mash-like so old cats love it, and it worked.

Let's hope it is a good sign. At the moment he's sleeping in his basket and snoring.

Now I must take care of myself for I'm exhausted.


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